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The Scene was a miniseries created by Jun Group Entertainment.[1] This first-of-its-kind film was targeted to peer-to-peer (P2P) users, both in distribution, subject and style.

The series were financed through sponsorship deals and released for free on the web and on P2P networks under a Creative Commons license (attribution, no derivative works). Mitchell Reichgut, director of the series, says in an e-mail newsletter:

Another question that keeps coming up in our IRC channel and in forums around the web, is our rumored connection to SONY. As it happens, one of our producers has a day job there (which was probably the genesis of all the conspiracy theories) but that's as far as it goes. We pay for The Scene ourselves and the idea that the show is some kind of anti-piracy propaganda is truly silly.

Season 1[edit]

The story centers on Drosan (Brian Sandro), a member of a fictitious scene group called CPX. Drosan is forced by circumstances to sell the pre-release films to commercial pirates in Asia.

Each episode is filmed as a combination of a webcam video showing one of the actors superimposed on their desktop, showing e-mail, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and instant messaging conversations. Most of the action takes place on the computer screen.[2]


  • Joe Testa as Drosan (Brian Sandro)
  • Trice Able as melissbliss04 (Melissa)
  • Laura Minarich as danaburke123 (Dana Burke)
  • Dinarte Freitas as coda
  • Noah Rothman as slipknot (Johannes)
  • Jill Howell as trooper (Jodi)
  • Curt Rosloff as teflon (Ed Koenig)
  • Nick White as pyr0 (David)

Music featured in The Scene[edit]

Episode Artist
1 Magi
2 The Silk Demise
3 Endless Blue
4 Ikarus
5 Togetha Brotha Soundsystem
6 Sunburn
7 Spirograph and Hypnotic Melody
8 Kmotiv
9 Temple City
10 Lendi Vexer
11 Glideascope
12 M
13 David Cooper
14 Planet Bliss
15 Sort of Expression
16 Ephemerid
17 None. Special episode
18 Mezzanizm and Sal Boca
19 Beauty's Confusion
20 GILO and DJ Drunken Munkee

The theme song is Catch Me by Maylynne.

Season 2[edit]

The Scene continued for a second season. Instead of focusing on warez culture, the second season took a look at illicit weapons trade happening online, as the director of the series saw the storyline of the season 1 to be complete. The production pace of the series had changed from one monthly episode to much shorter weekly episodes.


  • Samantha Turvill as sng330 aka Houdini6 aka Lukai (Danika Li)
  • (Katerina Li)

Music featured in The Scene 2.0[edit]

Episode Artist
2.0 - 2.3 Black Era
2.4 - 2.8 Christophe-E
2.9 - 2.11 Cling
2.12 - 2.15 Designerthumbs
2.16 - 2.18 Ital Roots Players
2.19 CLING


Close to the initial release of The Scene, a spin-off parody called Teh Scene was released on the Internet. It imitated the format of the original series and overtly criticised it for its possible connections with anti-piracy groups (and Sony sponsorship in general), mocking its amateurish approach to depicting software pirates using the exaggerated mannerisms of script kiddies. "Teh Scene" featured a dynamic format (as opposed to The Scene's static presentation of a computer monitor, on which a small video and a few instant messaging windows would appear). See also "'The Scene' Releases Final Episode".

The parody also released its first episode for season 2 on November 1, 2006. From what is seen in the first episode of season 2, they are not going to have the same storyline or concept as seen in The Scene season 2.


  • Hydrosan
  • Jordan as T3hSuppl13r
  • Matt Jakubowski (Jaku) as Agent Gryphun Symthe
  • LordDusty as Agent Fitzgerald aka babygurl123


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