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The Scene is a black comedy written by Theresa Rebeck which was first performed in 2006.

Plot summary[edit]

The play opens with a Manhattan party, where Clea, an attractive twenty-something Ohio native, is conversing with two men, Charlie, a middle-aged washed out actor, and Lewis, his best friend. Clea chatters (in her valley girl-esqe way of speaking) on about how "surreal" New York City is- advertising herself as the gorgeous but dumb girl. She rambles about how she doesn't drink, due to genetic alcoholism, but later accepts Lewis's vodka offer. After swigging down the vodka, Clea goes into a rant about this new job she took is absolutely empty, referring to it as a void. She also rants about her boss, Stella, calling her an infertile "Nazi Priestess" who is obsessed with her job and her current baby adoption process. It is revealed that Stella is Charlie's wife.

Stella, Charlie, and Lewis are drinking at Stella and Charlie's apartment, listening to Stella's rant about Clea, calling her an idiot who can barely speak English but looks good from the back. Lewis is sent out to get drinks and Stella complains about how miserable she is at work. Charlie then goes on a rant about the party. Stella asks Charlie if he spoke to Nick, Charlie's arch-nemesis. Nick and Charlie went to high school together

The characters in the play are show business people in Manhattan; the unemployed Charlie, his successful wife Stella, and his friend Lewis. Enter Clea from Ohio, who presents as a pretty but dumb, seemingly naive newcomer to the scene. First dating Lewis, she soon moves to Charlie. His wife catches them in the act, and Charlie is unable to clear the situation. He loses his wife – Lewis is happy to console her – Clea drops him and moves on, and all he has left is his bottle and his misery.


The world premiere of the play was in 2006 at the Humana Festival of New American Plays at the Actors Theatre of Louisville; it was directed by Rebecca Taichman. The play subsequently went to off-Broadway, also directed by Taichman, where it was well received[1] and beyond.


Off-Broadway Cast:[2] taking place at the Second Stage Theatre

World Premiere Cast: [3]


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