The Scent of the Night

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For the flower, see Polianthes tuberosa.
The Scent of the Night
First edition (Italy)
Author Andrea Camilleri
Original title L'odore della notte
Translator Stephen Sartarelli
Country Italy, Sicily
Language Italian/Sicilian
Series Inspector Salvo Montalbano, #6
Genre Crime, Mystery novel
Publisher Macmillan/Picador
Publication date
2001 (orig.) & 2005 (Eng. trans. )
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
ISBN 0-330-44217-1 (Eng. trans.)
OCLC 71347307
Preceded by Excursion to Tindari
Followed by Rounding the Mark

The Scent of the Night (Italian: L'odore della notte) is a 2001 novel by Andrea Camilleri, translated into English in 2005 by Stephen Sartarelli. It is the sixth novel in the internationally popular Inspector Montalbano series.[1][2][3]

Plot summary[edit]

Inspector Montalbano must track down a lost financial manager who seems to have absconded with all of his clients[further explanation needed] money. Along the way, he encounters a lovelorn secretary who believes her boss could do no wrong.


The novel openly cites Faulkner's short story, "A Rose for Emily".[4]


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