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The School of Life
Three 13 Solutions, Campus London LLP, ELOE Limited, STOA Limited.[1]

The School of Life is an educational company that offers advice on life issues. It was founded by a number of intellectuals in 2008 and has branches in London (headquarters),[2] Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Paris, São Paulo,[3][4] and Taipei.[5] The School offers a variety of programmes and services covering finding fulfilling work, mastering relationships, achieving calm, and understanding and changing the world.[6] The School also offers psychotherapy and bibliotherapy services and runs online and physical shops.[7] The School has a significant channel on YouTube, with over 7 million subscribers; it publishes one new video a week.


The School of Life, founded by a number of writers and thinkers, including author Alain de Botton, is staffed by psychotherapists, artists, and educators.[8] The faculty includes philosophers Mark Vernon, Robert Rowland Smith, and writer John Armstrong.[9]


In 2016, The School of Life started its own publishing press, The School of Life Press. It has published over fifty books so far - including an extensive range of titles on mental health for children. In 2019, a collection of the School of Life's ideas was published under the title: 'The School of Life: An Emotional Education.'


The School of Life has been criticised for its inaccurate representations of the views of philosophers and its weak philosophical arguments. The Los Angeles Review of Books has criticised a series of books by the School of Life as being a "vortex of jargon pitched somewhere between the banal banter of daytime talk shows and the schedule for a nightmarish New Age retreat."[10] Professor Hans-Georg Moeller of the University of Macau has criticised the School's video on Lao Tzu, stating that it used fabricated quotes and misrepresented the Dao De Ching.[11]


  • Great Thinkers (2016)
  • Relationships (2017)
  • How to overcome your childhood (2018)
  • Anxiety (2019)
  • Big Ideas for Curious Minds (2019)
  • What they forgot to teach you at school (2020)


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