The Schoolgirl's Diary

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The Schoolgirl's Diary
French film poster
McCune–Reischauer Han Nyŏhaksaengŭi Ilgi
Revised Romanization Han Nyeohaksaengeui Ilgi
Directed by Jang In-hak
Starring Pak Mi-hyang
Distributed by Pretty Pictures (international) Korean Film Studio
Release date
  • November 29, 2007 (2007-11-29) (Festival du film d'éducation — Evreux)
Country North Korea
Language Korean

The Schoolgirl's Diary (or The Journal of a Schoolgirl) is a 2007 North Korean film directed by Jang In-hak. It debuted at the 2006 Pyongyang Film Festival as one of two films produced domestically that year, and was released in France at the end of 2007.[1][2] According to Radio Free Asia, the movie has been banned in North Korea in July, 2016.[3]


The film depicts a North Korean teenager's struggle to understand her father's devotion to his country, and to scientific achievement at the expense of his own family's happiness. Spending the vast majority of his time at work as a computer engineer in a distant town, he leaves his two daughters, wife, and mother-in-law to live in their dilapidated rural home. In questioning her father's values, the rebellious teen begins to defy her mother, a hardworking librarian who spends her evenings translating scientific articles for her absentee husband.

The protagonist realizes how selfish she has been only after her father makes a major breakthrough in his scientific research and is lavished with praise for his self-sacrifice and devotion to the state.


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