Deborah Berebichez

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Deborah Berebichez
Outrageous Acts of Thinking-Berebichez - NECSS 2015.JPG
Physicist Deborah Berebichez speaks on Outrageous Acts of Thinking at the Northeast Conference of Science and Skepticism (NECSS) on April 12, 2015 at F.I.T. Haft Auditorium in New York City.
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Physicist, data scientist, TV host, educator and entrepreneur

Deborah Berebichez is a Mexican physicist, data scientist, TV host, educator and entrepreneur who dedicates her career to promoting education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. She was the first Mexican woman to graduate with a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University.[1][2] She has developed models for cellular wave transmission which are in the process of being patented. Sometimes known as "The Science Babe", she appears in mainstream television and radio segments where she explains concepts in physics in everyday life.


Deborah Berebichez first attended university in Mexico. She later transferred to Brandeis University and graduated with a double-major in physics and philosophy. For her senior honors thesis at Brandeis, Berebichez wrote about the concept of time in the work of the French existentialist philosopher Emmanuel Levinas.[3] She received her Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University in 2004 and completed her dissertation on the subject of waves and acoustic signals.[4][5]


Dr. Berebichez has written scholarly articles on the subject of altering the structural design of optical, mechanical and electrical systems in order to prevent signal transmission loss due to wave scattering.[6] She is a member of the American Physical Society.[5]

Berebichez is the Chief Data Scientist at Metis, a leading data science training provider. At Metis she leads the creation and growth of data science training opportunities, including bootcamps, corporate training, professional development, and online programs.[7] She is an active contributor to the national data science ecosystem through public speaking, presentations, and panels at data science conferences. Previously, she worked on Wall Street as an equity risk analyst for MSCI Barra.[5]

Since 2012, Berebichez has been featured in the television show "You Have Been Warned" (a.k.a. "Outrageous Acts of Science") on The Science Channel.[8] For her "Science Babe" web video project, she explains everyday scientific phenomena and principles of physics in plain language, such as "The Physics of High Heels".[9] She is a John C. Whitehead Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, a winner of the Society of SHPE's STAR Award and a recipient for Top Latina Tech Blogger by the Association of Latinos in Social Media LATISM.

Volunteer work[edit]

She was the 2013 Global Ambassador for the Technovation Challenge,[10][not in citation given] an international educational competition sponsored by technology non-profit Iridescent[11] that promotes the programming of science-based mobile applications by girls and young women all across the globe, including creating a business model around the new application and instructing participants on how to pitch their applications to investors.[12][13][14]

Personal life[edit]

Deborah Berebichez is married to physicist Neer Asterie.[15]


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