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This article is about the scientific journal. For other uses, see Scientist (disambiguation).
The Scientist
TheScientist cover Sept-2010.jpg
September 2010 cover
Categories Life sciences
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1986
Company LabX Media Group
Country United States
Based in New York City
ISSN 0890-3670

The Scientist is a professional magazine intended for life scientists. Coverage includes reviews of widely noticed research papers, informing its audience of current research, updates to technology, updates to career information, profiles of scientists achieving notoriety, as well as other columns and reports of interest to its audience.

The editor-in-chief is Mary Beth Aberlin.[1] The magazine has been published monthly since 1986 and is available in print and online through personal or institutional subscription.[2] The Scientist was published by the Faculty of 1000 until October 2011. Its closure was announced in October 2011[3][4] but then the LabX Media Group announced its intent to purchase and continue publishing it.[5][6] The Group officially acquired the magazine at the end of October 2011.[7]


The Scientist was founded by Eugene Garfield.[8] Its aim is to provide print and online coverage of the latest developments in life sciences research, technology, and business. Subject matter covered by the journal includes:

  • Science policy
  • Careers
  • Financial topics
  • Groundbreaking research
  • Industry innovations
  • Economics of science
  • Scientific ethics
  • Profiles of scientists
  • Lab tools
  • Hot papers
  • Product spotlight, guides

Starting with the May 2010 issue, additional sections and features were added from the Faculty of 1000. The additional content includes reviews of highly rated research papers and profiles of up-and-coming scientists.


Best Places to Work survey[edit]

Since 2003, The Scientist has conducted "best places to work" surveys: one for postdoctoral researchers in all sectors, one for all life scientists working in industry, and one for all life scientists working in academia. These surveys aim to find what aspects of the workplace are most important for job satisfaction and which institutions measure up to those standards. Throughout the year, The Scientist publishes overviews of these surveys' results, highlighting the top-ranking institutions.

Salary survey[edit]

The Scientist conducts an annual survey of researchers, educators, and industry executives across various life science disciplines to learn about their income and job satisfaction. This is a highly valued resource amongst science professionals. Results are published annually.

Top 10 Innovations[edit]

Since 2008, The Scientist has awarded the top innovations in science technology. Nominations are submitted, entries reviewed by a panel of judges, and the winners are announced at the end of the year; in the December edition of the magazine.

Laboratory website, video and multimedia awards[edit]

Beginning in 2007, The Scientist began recognizing laboratories who were best using the Internet to further science. Labs using YouTube, Wikipedia, JoVE, and other tools to best collaborate, communicate, and research were nominated by readers around the world. Every year they invite scientists to contribute videos and offer awards in various categories.

The Scientist online[edit]

The Scientist offers a website that complements the print version by offering life science news and interactive multimedia features. The current month's magazine content, news blogs, and podcasts are freely available with registration, while premium subscribers are also given access to the magazine's archives of articles, news, and editorials.

In 2011, The Scientist launched a Facebook page to deliver its content in the social media realm. The page now has more than 1.5 million page likes[9] and fosters a highly engaged community of readers. The following year, The Scientist launched special interest Facebook pages to share the latest research developments in six different life science topics. These pages boast a combined viewership of more than 2.6 million page views:

  • Cancer Research Techniques[10]
  • Cell Biology Research (formerly Cell Culture Techniques)[11]
  • Genetic Engineering Techniques[12]
  • Microbiology & Immunology [13]
  • Neuroscience Research Techniques[14]
  • Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy[15]


The Scientist has won many awards, including most recently:[16][17]

  • 2009 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Science Website
  • 2009 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Science Magazine
  • 2009 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Single Science Article[18]
  • 2009 Magazine of the year, circulation less than 80,000
  • 2008 Magazine of the year, circulation less than 80,000
  • 2007 Nomination as one of the Top 10 Business-to-Business Magazines
  • 2007 Gold for Best Publication Redesign
  • 2007 Silver for Best Individual/Company Profile for Ishani Ganguli’s "A Complementary Pathway"
  • 2008 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Science Magazine
  • 2008 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Single Science Article[19]
  • 2007 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Science Magazine
  • 2006 Gold 'Eddie' Award for Best Business-to-Business Science Magazine


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