The Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago

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The Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago.png
National Crest
Age range 100 years
Headquarters 1 St. Ann's Road, St. Ann's, Port of Spain
Country Trinidad and Tobago
Founded February 23rd 1912
Founder Rev. Stephen Doorley
Awarded for Public Service
Membership 5,234
Chief Scout Anthony Carmona
National Scout Commissioner Roger Berkeley
President Commodore Anthony Franklin HBM, ED
Affiliation World Organization of the Scout Movement
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pre-independence membership badge

The Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago is the national Scouting organization of Trinidad and Tobago. Scouting was founded in Trinidad and Tobago in 1912 and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1963. The association has 5,234 members (as of 2011).[1]

The Chief Scout is President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago His Excellency Anthony Carmona, ORTT, SC.

Program and ideals[edit]

  • Cubs-ages 7 to 11
  • Scouts-ages 11 to 15
  • Venturers-ages 15 to 19

As an island nation, there is also a Sea Scout section. The national emblem of the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago incorporates the coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago.


National Scout Council[edit]

The Highest organ in the Association is the National Scout Council. The Council is headed by the President of the Association. The current President is Commodore (Ret'd) Anthony Franklin, HBM, ED.

Executive Committee[edit]

The Executive Committee consists of the National Scout Commissioner, his deputies, Headquarters Commissioners, Executive Commissionner, the president and vice-presidents of the association and other persons elected by the National Scout Council.

National Scout Commissioner: Mr. Roger Berkeley
There are four Deputy National Scout Commissioners each responsible for a division of the Association.
DNSC(Adult Resources & Training) - Mr. Vivian Kanaglee
DNSC(Development & Planning) - Mr. Kirk Jean-Baptiste
DNSC(Operations) - VACANT
DNSC(Programme) - Mr. Surujdeo Ramcharan

Executive Commissioner- Mr. Courtney Bruce
International Commissioner- Mr. Russel Seebaran

There are also Headquarters Commissioners(HQC's) responsible for Communications; Expansion; Cub Scouts; Scouts; Venture Scouts; Sea Scouts
Headquarters Commissioner (Cub Scouts): Ms Marlene Griffith
Headquarters Commissioner (Scouts): Mr Mark Ainsley John
Headquarters Commissioner (Venture Scouts): Mr Keston Woodruffe
Headquarters Commissioner (Disaster Preparedness): Mr Carlstien Lutchmedial


The Association is divided into six zones which are further divided into a total of 21 districts.
Each District is headed by a District Commissioner reporting to the Zonal commissioner who in turn reports to DNSC (Operations).


Zonal Commissioner - Mr David Philip

  • Diego Martin (DC - Angela Celestine);
  • Port Of Spain (DC - Ms Venice Hayes);
  • Morvant/Laventille (DC - Ms Jasmine Jacob)


Zonal Commissioner - 'Vacant'

  • Arima/Arouca (DC - Ms Macrina Matooram);
  • Chaguanas (DC - Mr Latchmedath Singh);
  • San Juan (DC - VACANT);
  • St. Joseph/Tunapuna (DC - Mr Terrence Garcia);


Zonal Commissioner - VACANT
Toco (DC - );
Sangre Grande (DC - Mr Ian McCarthy);


Zonal Commissioner - Mr Lynley Lutchmedial

  • Couva (DC - Mr Gerald Skeete);
  • Pointe-a-Pierre (DC - Mr Kerwyn Roach);
  • Princes Town (DC - Mr Jasmine Chadee);
  • San Fernando (DC - Mr Lynley Lutchmedial);
  • Mayaro/Rio Claro (DC - Mr Junior Sooknanan);


Zonal Commissioner - Mr Gabriel Kokaram

  • Cedros (DC - Mr Robin Baboolal);
  • La Brea (DC - Mrs Cheryl-Ann Williams);
  • Naparima (DC - Mr Surendra Maharaj);
  • Siparia/Erin (DC - Mr Hayden Franklyn);
  • Point Fortin (DC - Mr Joel George);


Zonal Commissioner - Mrs. Audris Balfour

  • Leeward(DC - Mr Lincoln Nelson);
  • Windward (DC - Mr Samuel Eastman)

Scout Motto[edit]

Be Prepared

Scout Oath[edit]

I promise to do my best to do my duty to God to serve my country to help other people and to keep the scout law


The Scout Association has various categories of awards which are presented annually by the Chief Scout at President's House.

Awards for Long Service[edit]

Thanks Badge[edit]

Service Certificate[edit]

Long Service Decoration[edit]

Awards for Gallantry[edit]

Joe D'Arcy Award (Red Ribbon)[edit]

Joe D'Arcy Award (Blue Ribbon)[edit]

Joe D'Arcy Award (Yellow Ribbon)[edit]

Medal of Commendation[edit]

Awards for Good Service[edit]

Medal of Merit[edit]

Silver Ibis[edit]

Golden Poui[edit]

11th Caribbean Cuboree[edit]

The 11th Caribbean Cuboree was held from the 14–21 July 2007. Around 1300 Cub Scouts attended from 12 countries.

Notable Past Scouts[edit]

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information provided by Roger Berkeley and the First Trinidad Sea Scouts