The Seasons (TV series)

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The Seasons
Starring Tang Pik-wan
Chu Sui-tong
Lo Hoi-pang
Angelina Lo
Kwok Fung
Johnny Ngan
Lam Kin-ming
Gallen Lo
Kiki Sheung
Law Lan
Country of origin Hong Kong
No. of episodes 389
Running time 15 Minutes
Original network TVB
Picture format Standard Definition Television
Original release 1987 – 1988

The Seasons (Chinese: 季節) was a 389 episode drama series that was shown during Enjoy Yourself Tonight on Hong Kong TV station TVB from 1987 to 1988. The show, being a section of the main program, Enjoy Yourself Tonight (EYT), meant that it was only 15 minutes long, a rarity in Hong Kong television drama programs. Another rarity is that each episode ends in the same shot: a flower being tossed into the water.


Tong family[edit]

First Generation

Cast Role Description
Chu Sui-tong Tong Tai
Tang Pik-wan Lee Suk-duk
Tong Tai's wife
Sheung Kei Leung Wing-kam
Tong Tai's mistress
Lo Hoi-pang Tong Yan
Tong Tai's younger half brother
Chan Ka-yi Lan Tong Yan's wife
Angelina Lo Tong Lai-chu
Tong Tai's younger sister
Tam Ping-man Lee Wing-leung
Lee Suk-duk's brother
Chong Ching-ching Tam Fung-mei
Lee Wing-leung's second wife
Law Lan Fong Lee Suk-duk's maid

Second Generation

Cast Role Description
Samuel Kwok Tong Gui-chuan
Tong Tai's illegitimate son
Johnny Ngan Tong Ka-wai
Tong Tai and Lee Suk-dak's eldest son
Lam Kin-ming Wu Yuk-ho
Tong Ka-wai's wife
Gallen Lo Tong Ka-lai
Tong Tai and Lee Suk-dak's second son
Yiu Ching-ching Tong Ka-man
Tong Tai and Lee Suk-dak's daughter
Tony Leung Chiu-wai 3d Tong Tai and Lee Suk-dak's youngest son
Dickson Lee Hong Tong Yan's son
Yuen Chun-yu Lee Chi-tim
Lee Wing-leung's son
Lee Ka-ting Sing Wu Yuk-ho's elder brother

Other cast

Cast Role Description
Yi Lei Uncle Lai
Kiki Sheung Chow Pui-ching
Tong Gui-Chuan's Wife
Yu Chi-ming
Jamie Chik TVB Actress
Carrie Ng Hong Tsz-mei
Tong Ka-Wai's mistress
Rebecca Chan Yip Ching
Francis Ng Mr. Cheung aka King
Sandra Lang Mrs. Chow Chow Pui-ching's mother
Maria Cordero Maria Filipino maid
Margie Tsang Maggie Maria's daughter
Kenneth Tsang Hak
Lydia Shum Mrs. Ho
Hak's sister
Eddie Cheung Ivan Tong Lai-Chu's
brother in-law
Elliot Ngok Ah Ho
Ying Ying's Father
Sara Lee Ying Ying
Ellen Chan
Carol Cheng
Alex Man
Dominic Lam
Ng Man Tat
Wayne Lai Chow Pui-ching's cousin
Bobby Au-yeung Chow Pui-ching's old boyfriend
Tai Chi-wai Yip Ching's husband


In the 1980s. EYT was steadily losing viewers as other modes of entertainment becomes available. The program was conceived by EYT producers to counter the loss of viewership. The show, along with two other short-form programs (one was a mystery program, the other a comedy), did much to revive EYT, and allowed it to return to viewership supremacy.

Reference in popular culture[edit]

Due to the immense popularity of the show, the show was referenced in the movie "It's a Mad Mad Mad World 2", starring fellow EYT alum Lydia Shum. In a section of the film, Shum's character, along with her husband (portrayed by Bill Tung, desperately needed money to return to Canada. They returned to the Public Housing estate where they used to live, and try to find their old mahjong playing neighbors for emergency cash. When they arrived, they found these neighbors children playing mahjong, who said that their parents are watching The Seasons, and will not move or go anywhere unless a fire has started. This led to the couple screaming fire, resulting in everyone from the estate streaming out of their homes.