The Secret Life of Algernon

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The Secret Life of Algernon
Directed byCharles Jarrott
StarringJohn Cullum
Release date
Running time
106 minutes
CountryCanada, filmed on location at The Maplegrove Inn, in Riverside Albert NB.

The Secret Life of Algernon is a 1997 film directed by Charles Jarrott. It stars John Cullum and Carrie-Anne Moss in an early film appearance. It won an award at the 1998 Breckenridge Festival of Film.[1] The film is based on the novel by Russell H. Greenan The Secret Life of Algernon Pendleton.


Algernon is an old man who lives alone, having conversations with a porcelain cat and enjoys making things out of bones... he boils a neighbor's dead dog for the bones... and he is visited by an old friend who is dying of ailments and thus commits suicide, leaving a million dollars in a suitcase. A woman claiming to be interested in Algernon's Egyptologist great grandfather pretends to be in love with Algernon... and he almost falls for it.



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