The Secret Society – Boss

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The Secret Society - Boss
Traditional 江湖篇之大佬
Simplified 江湖篇之大佬
Mandarin Jiāng Hú Piān zhī Dà Lǎo
Cantonese Gong1 Wu4 Pin1 Zi1 Daai6 Lou2
Directed by Lam Wai Yin
Produced by Shing Chiu Kei
Written by Jameson Lam
Starring Michael Tse
Jason Chu
Frankie Ng
Kara Hui
Raymond Cho
Lee Siu-kei
Music by Mak Chan Hung
Cinematography Suen Siu Tung
Edited by Jacky Leung
Distributed by B&S Films Distribution Company Limited
Release date
  • 27 March 2003 (2003-03-27)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

The Secret Society – Boss is a 2003 Hong Kong crime drama film starring Michael Tse. It was a low-budget film shot on digital video. It was followed by a sequel, The Secret Society - The Best Hack, which was released on 10 April 2003, 14 days after this film's release.


Fai (Frankie Ng) is the leader of the Hung Hing gang. He is a furious, violent and prurience man and his wife (Kara Hui) can't stand him so she left him. Fai lives with his only daughter Wing Kei (Jenny Yam), whom he cherishes and loves very much. One time Fai lewd a drugged girl (An Ho) in the disco, later he finds out she is the daughter of Lam Hiu Tung (Lee Siu-kei) the leader of Yee Hing Gang. Tung requests for Fai's compensation, Fai denies it. When the two gangs prepare for a war, Anti-triad division officer Lee (Michael Tse) comes in their way and Tung leave with anger. Tung's man Chiu Chi Lung (Jason Chu) gives him a plan, to use Chi Wah (Raymond Cho), a famous gigolo to chase and seduce Fai's daughter as revenge on Fai. Wing Kei and Chi Wah start to fall in love quickly, but Fai opposes their love, so Kei goes to her mom for help. Fai's man threaten Chi Wah to leave Wing Kei and Kei hates her father after she knows it and decides to leave home and marry Chi Wah. Kei goes to the usurer as a guarantor for Wah, she gives her virgin to him too. After that Chi Wah exposes his actual face as a gigolo, Kei is hurt badly. Fai is very angry, and finds out Wah is the Man of Yee Hing Gang Lam Hiu Tung and Fai starts a night attack on Tung, swearing to kill all his gang.


Cast Role
Michael Tse Officer Lee
Frankie Ng Ho Yiu Fai (Tricky Fai)
Jenny Yam Ho Wing Kei
Jason Chu Chiu Chi Lung
Lee Siu-kei Lam Hiu Tung (Chubby Tung)
Raymond Cho Hui Chi Wah
Kara Hui Fai's ex-wife
Chan Chi Fai Brother Nine
Anna Ng Hung's mom
Bobby Yip Drunkard at Fai's disco
Anita Chan Mabel
Ann Ho Lam Yan Yan
Jameson Lam James
Chow Mei Shing Keung
To Tai Wai So Wai Hung
Benny Law

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