The Secret of Mulan

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The Secret of Mulan
DVD cover. Note Mulan's extra legs indicating that she is a larva.
Directed by Peter Fernandez (voice director)
Produced by Bill Schwartz
Screenplay by Katherine Lawrence
Christy Marx
Story by Bill Schwartz
Starring Elaine Tse
Lisa DeSimone
Robert Lydiard
Jonathan Dokuchitz
Jeff Bergman
Music by Score:
Nathan Wang
Megan Cavallari (music)
David Goldsmith (lyrics)
Edited by Alan Winderbaum
Schwartz & Co.
Hong Ying Animation
Distributed by Sterling Entertainment Group
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Running time
50 minutes
Country USA
Language English

The Secret of Mulan is the 1998 entry in the series of "Secret of..." films released direct to video by UAV/Sterling Entertainment Group, which generally were adaptations of popular theatrical animated films released in a given year, such as The Secret of Anastasia and The Secret of the Hunchback. This film, written by Katherine Lawrence and Christy Marx, is based on the poem about Hua Mulan, which had been made as a film by Walt Disney Pictures the same year as Mulan, and combined with elements from another popular 1998 animated film, A Bug's Life. The film is one of the early collaborations of the composer-lyricist team of Megan Cavallari and David Goldsmith, and some copies were released with a CD soundtrack attached to the back cover.


When Mala-Khan declares war, the Emperor orders all able-bodied males to fight. A young female caterpillar named Mulan disguises herself as a male warrior named Hua and leaves home to take her elderly father's place in the Emperor's army. She proves to be a capable warrior and quickly rises through the ranks with each winning battle.

Mala-Khan, starting to panic with each loss, finds a traitor in the Emperor's ranks to kidnap Mulan. However, when she matures into her pupa stage, she is mistakenly assumed to have escaped. She returns as a butterfly to the Emperor's camp where she romances her commanding prince, who, also being a butterfly, understands.


(in credits order)

The voice director of the film was Peter Fernandez. No overall director is credited.

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