The Seduction (film)

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The Seduction
Original film poster
Directed by David Schmoeller
Produced by Frank Capra, Jr. (executive producer)
Bruce Cohn Curtis (producer)
Tom Curtis (associate producer)
Chuck Russell (executive producer)
Joseph Wolf (executive producer)
Irwin Yablans (producer)
Written by David Schmoeller
Music by Lalo Schifrin
Cinematography Mac Ahlberg
Edited by Anthony DiMarco
Distributed by Embassy Pictures
Release date
  • January 29, 1982 (1982-01-29)
Running time
104 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $11,378,339[1]

The Seduction is a 1982 thriller film starring Morgan Fairchild and Andrew Stevens, written and directed by David Schmoeller. The original music score was composed by Lalo Schifrin. The film was marketed with the tagline "Alone... terrified... trapped like an animal." Reviews for the film have mainly been negative which resulted in three Razzie nominations, including two for Fairchild.

Plot summary[edit]

Jamie Douglas is a beautiful TV newswoman with a successful career in Los Angeles and a stable relationship with her boyfriend, Brandon. Derek is a psychopathic photographer who stalks her. The movie is unusual in that in the very first scene, when Jamie is swimming naked in her swimming pool, Derek is already obsessed with her, and photographing her with a long lens from his house. He calls her then and says "I watched you tonight." The next scene shows she is a TV anchor, so she does not find the call weird or disturbing; simply a fan telling they enjoyed her segment.

The next day Derek sends her flowers, and that evening he calls her at her house to ask how she liked them, leaving her with an odd feeling. She tells him to leave her alone, however, next day he shows up at the TV station with a box of chocolates to apologize for coming on too strong. She accepts the chocolates. He follows her home and forces his way into her house, to which she tells him to leave, and in return, he starts taking pictures of her, assaulting her, telling her she looks good when she's scared and screaming. Brandon shows up, beats up Derek, and kicks him out. Jamie and Brandon go to the cops (Captain Maxwell) but he says there's nothing he can do about it.

Brandon talks to a psychiatrist, who tells him that eventually Derek will kill Jamie.

Jamie goes shopping with her friend (played by Coleen Camp), and Derek follows them. Jamie yells at Derek and throws on the ground the music box he tries to give her.

At home that night is another extended nude scene with Jamie taking a bath. Derek is in the closet watching her. She discovers him and they struggle, until Brandon comes home, however, Derek flees out the window.

Maxwell figures out who Derek is and tells Brandon he will give Derek a talking to. Jamie gets naked again and has sex with Brandon in the hot tub, but as Brandon is coming he cries out a little too loudly, and slumps against Jamie's naked body in the hot tub—Derek has sneaked into the house and stabbed Brandon in the back as they are making love, killing him. Derek then, inexplicably, drags Brandon's body into the woods and buries him, then goes home.

Jamie calls Derek and says he should come over. She has a shotgun that Brandon bought for her, and plans to kill him with it. She takes all her clothes off so she's naked, then gets into bed to wait for him. The girl that is in love with Derek shows up to tell him that the police are after him and he should cool it with Jamie. He yells at her and storms out of the house back to Jamie's.

Jamie tries to shoot Derek but misses. He takes a knife and tries to rape her, then she starts to take off his clothes aggressively. Derek is turned off by this. Jamie says he's not a real man. Then Derek attacks her again, and the girl that likes Derek, who followed him to Jamie's house, picks up the shotgun and shoots Derek, killing him dead, and ending the movie.

Theme song[edit]

Dionne Warwick sings the theme song over the opening titles.


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