The Seeds of Life

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The Seeds of Life
The seeds of life poster.jpg
Starring Melvin Sia
Shaun Chen
Eelyn Kok
Opening theme 别无所求 by 郑仲杰
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30
Running time 60 minutes (approx.)
Distributor ntv7, MediaCorp TV
Original channel ntv7 (Malaysia), Mediacorp Channel 8
Original release February 2011-March 2011 (Malaysia)
7 March 2012-17 April 2012 (Singapore)
Preceded by Tribulations of Life
Followed by Destiny In Her Hands

The Seeds of Life is the 20th co-production of MediaCorp TV and ntv7.[1][2] It is scheduled to air from every Monday to Thursday, at 10:00pm on Malaysia's ntv7. Filming is done in Sekinchan, Selangor.


Cast Role Description
Melvin Sia Luo Shi Jie
Shaun Chen Luo Shi Cong
Eelyn Kok Su Xiao Yu
Pearly Chong Grandmother
Angie Seow Su Xiao Wen
Ken Tan Pan De Jun
Moo Yan Yee Li Mei Fen
Mers Sheng Xie Zheng Shun
Kay Siow Wai Xie Yan Qi
Wang Yuqing


Interesting info about the filming process

  • The food was mainly sponsored by a chicken rice shop and therefore, every meal was packed chicken rice. Those who worked there every day therefore had chicken rice every single day, unless they bought other things to eat themselves.
  • There was transport bringing people back and forth from Sekinchan every day. But the bus would leave from KL very, very early in the morning. Those who decided to stay in Sekinchan and not travel back to KL were given accommodations at the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel did not have mosquito netting at the windows and there were a lot of mosquitoes there. It was cooling and windy at night but the crew had to close the hotel windows to prevent the mosquitoes from flying in. That made the room hot and uncomfortable to sleep in. Alternatively, they would go buy mosquito coils.

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