The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery

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The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery, Vol. I–V, are the personal journals of famed Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942).

Originally, Montgomery had bequeathed all of her journals and scrapbooks to her son, Dr. E. Stuart Macdonald. Macdonald held onto those journals and scrapbooks until 1981, when he donated them to the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Mary Rubio, and Elizabeth Waterston, of the University of Guelph, co-edited all 5 volumes of these journals. Rubio and Waterston edited these volumes from 1985–2004.


Until recently, Montgomery's readers had only a limited understanding of her personal life. Some surmised that Emily of New Moon was the closest to an autobiography that Montgomery's readers would ever get. Then, in 1985, the first edition of The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Vol. I: 1889–1910 was published by the Oxford University Press in Canada. In 1987, Volume II: 1910–1921, and in 1992, Volume III: 1921–1929, was published. Volume IV: 1929–1935 was published in 1998, and Volume V: 1935–1942, was published in 2004.


Volume inclusive dates ISBN (hardcover) published ISBN (paperback) published
I 1889–1910 ISBN 0-19-540503-X 1985 ISBN 0-19-541512-4 2000
II 1910–1921 ISBN 0-19-540586-2 1987 ISBN 0-19-541801-8 2003
III 1921–1929 ISBN 0-19-540936-1 1992 ISBN 0-19-541802-6 2003
IV 1929–1935 ISBN 0-19-541381-4 1998 ISBN 0-19-542304-6 2005
V 1935–1942 ISBN 0-19-542116-7 2004 ISBN 0-19-542215-5 2004

Unpublished Journal[edit]

There are many omissions of her journal entries.[1] Unpublished journals are archived in University of Guelph [2] and Looking for Anne quotes from unpublished journal entries.



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