The Selmanaires

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The Selmanaires
OriginAtlanta, Georgia, United States
GenresIndie rock
Years active2003–present
LabelsInternational Hits
Rob's House Records
Double Phantom Records
MembersTommy Chung
Herb Harris
Jason Harris
Mario Schambon

The Selmanaires are an American Indie electronic band from Atlanta, Georgia.

Influenced by the sounds of myriad cultures and eras, The Selmanaires play a musical collage that dances the border between tradition and experiment. Formed in 2003 on Selman Street, Atlanta, Georgia, by Herb Harris, Jason Harris, and Tommy Chung, the group expanded to a four-piece, first with Mathis Hunter on guitar and percussion, and in 2008 Mario Schambon on percussion. Their dynamic is based on a mutual love of the hypnotic sounds of Can and Kraftwerk, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Tropicalia, and '60s pop from all around the globe. The Selmanaires first show was in 2003 at a house party in Atlanta. After a few years of building a local following, they began touring the country in 2006. In 2007, The Selmanaires embarked on a national tour with hometown friends The Black Lips. On a recent national tour with Broadcast and Atlas Sound in October/November 2009, they pulled double duty, performing both as The Selmanaires and also as backing band for Bradford Cox as Atlas Sound. They continue to tour and have also performed shows with Wire, Pylon, Deerhunter, Here We Go Magic, Tussle, and The Ettes. Their album Tempo Temporal was self-released in October 2009. Engineered and mixed by Mike Wright (Black Lips) and Graham Marsh (producer) (Cee-Lo), on the outside it is a sonic departure from the previous recordings, but the essence of the band’s off-kilter approach to pop music remains. After two albums and a handful of singles the band is defining a sound of their own, and the songs on Tempo Temporal move closer to a cohesive vision of the present in relation to the past and the future. Their most recent works have included a free digital EP titled "An Animated Shadow" available at the Selmanaires Sound Center, which explores ambient textures and experimentation, and a single, "Sinister Season/B. Spell" available on Double Phantom Records (an Atlanta boutique record label that also works with Balkans), which takes further their pop abstractions. The group recently added the lovely miss Adron to the lineup to provide vocals and guitar textures.
Their latest single, "Authenlectricity/WindTruStar" is available at the Selmanaires Sound Center.


  • Here Come The Selmanaires CD (2005) (International Hits)
  • "Standing In Line At An Elevator" 7" (2006) (Rob's House Records)
  • "Whirlyball" 7" (w/ Deerhunter, The Coathangers, & The Carbonas) (2007) (Chunklet)
  • The Air Salesmen (2008) (International Hits)
  • "Just To Get Yr Love" 7" (2008) (International Hits)
  • "Princess Illusionist Frankenstein" 7" (2008) (Rob's House Records)
  • Tempo Temporal CD (2009) (self-released)
  • "An Animated Shadow" free digital EP ( (2010)
  • "Sinister Season/B. Spell" 7" (Double Phantom Records) (2010)
  • "Authenlectricity/WindTruStar" (2010) digital single (Selmanaires Sound Center)

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