The Sensuous Man

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The Sensuous Man
The Sensuous Man.jpg
Author Joan (Terry) Garrity
Country United States
Language English
Subject Human sexuality
Publisher L. Stuart
W. H. Allen
Publication date
Media type Print

The Sensuous Man is a book written by an author initially known as "M", later revealed to be Joan (Terry) Garrity, John Garrity, and Len Forman.[1] First published in 1971 by both L. Stuart[2] and W. H. Allen,[3] by Corgi in 1972[4] and again in 1982 by Dell Publishing, Murphy Books,[5] The Sensuous Man is a detailed instruction manual on male sexuality. The book was written to correspond with a similar book by author "J" titled The Sensuous Woman, published in 1969. "J" stands for "Joan" Garrity.[6]

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