The Seven Raymonds

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The Seven Raymonds were a comic revue troupe founded in 1987 by Oxford University undergraduates.

The Seven Raymonds were Stewart Lee,[1] Richard Herring,[2] Emma Kennedy,[3] Michael Cosgrave, Richard Canning, and Jo Renshaw.[citation needed] They supported The Oxford Revue at the Edinburgh Festival in 1987.[4]

They appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1987 in the show The Seven Raymonds: KMnO4 - The Potassium Permanganate Extravaganza.

The troupe fell out over the continuing involvement of Jo Renshaw.[3] After Jo was told she could not take part further, arguments ensued and Richard Canning subsequently left the group. He was replaced by comic writer Tim Richardson.[3]

Lee and Herring became a successful double act on radio and television. Cosgrave became a jazz musician with Celtic band Sin É and the bluegrass/jam band Daily Planet. Kennedy became a television presenter, actress and writer. Canning is an academic. Richardson works as a journalist and writer.


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