The Seventies Story

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The Seventies Story
The Seventies Story - Brotherhood of Man.jpg
Studio album by Brotherhood of Man
Released November 2002
Genre Pop, MOR
Length 64.03
Producer Brotherhood of Man
Brotherhood of Man chronology
The Seventies Story

The Seventies Story is a 2002 album by pop group Brotherhood of Man. It is based on a live stage show the group had undertaken at the time.


The show reflects on the music and events of the 1970s, with the group performing the songs, while one of the members narrates events in between.[1] Songs from the show were recorded and included on this album, which was not officially released by a record company, but was produced by the group themselves for sale at the show or by mail order.[2] The tracks from the album have since been released on generally available compact discs and for download. It is the group's first album to be solely available on CD and remains their most recent album release. Included among the tracks are a number of Brotherhood of Man's own hits such as "Save Your Kisses for Me". The album contains 26 tracks (although boasts 29 - the other three being part of a medley), most of which are full-length versions, while some are shortened down to one-minute snippets. Track "Let Me Sleep On It" is a retitling of Meat Loaf's "Paradise By the Dashboard Light", which while never a single in the UK, was a song the group had performed in concert for many years previously. Track "I Could Be So Good for You" is included to signify the beginning of the Minder TV series, though the song itself wasn't a hit until 1980.

The group continue (in 2011) to perform the show around the UK and have received good reviews.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Love Grows" (Mason / Macaulay) 2.37
  2. "United We Stand" (Hiller / Goodison) 2.50
  3. "Ernie" (Hill) 0.58
  4. "Hot Love" (Bolan) 1.43
  5. "Puppy Love" (Anka) 1.05
  6. "Daydreamer" (Demspey) 2.07
  7. "Live and Let Die" (McCartney / McCartney) 1.16
  8. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" (Brown / Levine) 2.56
  9. "Remember You're a Womble" (Batt) 2.04
  10. "I've Got the Music in Me" (Boshell) 3.02
  11. "Shang-A-Lang / Bye Bye Baby" (Coulter / Crewe / Gaudio) 2.55
  12. "Save Your Kisses for Me" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) 3.01
  13. "Miss You Nights" (Townsend) 3.06
  14. "My Sweet Rosalie" / "Oh Boy (The Mood I'm In)" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee / Romeo) 3.04
  15. "Don't Give Up On Us Baby" (Macaulay) 1.27
  16. "Angelo" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) 3.03
  17. "Got to Get You Into My Life" (Lennon / McCartney) 4.04
  18. "Figaro" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) 2.55
  19. "You're the One That I Want" / "Summer Nights" (Farrar / Jacobs / Casey) 2.24
  20. "Blame It On the Boogie" (Jackson-Clark / Jackson-Rich / Krohn) 2.22
  21. "Beautiful Lover" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) 3.10
  22. "Let Me Sleep On It" (Steinman) 4.13
  23. "I Could Be so Good for You" (Kenny / Waterman) 1.13
  24. "I Will Survive" (Fakaris) 2.33
  25. "Tragedy" (Gibb / Gibb / Gibb) 3.30
  26. "YMCA" (Morali / Belolo / Willis) 3.25