The Shadow (pinball)

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The Shadow
The Shadow pinball flyer.jpg
Release dateNovember 1994
SystemMidway WPC-Security
DesignBrian Eddy
ProgrammingBrian Eddy, Mike Boon
ArtworkDoug Watson
MechanicsRobert C. Friesl, Edison Oñate
MusicDan Forden
SoundDan Forden
VoicesTim Kitzrow (The Shadow / Lamont Cranston)
Penelope Ann Miller (Margo Lane)
John Lone (Shiwan Khan)
Tim Curry (Farley Claymore)
Production run4,247

The Shadow is a 1994 pinball game designed by Brian Eddy and released by Midway (under the Bally label). It is based on the 1994 movie of the same name.


This game featured new speech by Penelope Ann Miller (Margo Lane), John Lone (Shiwan Khan), and Tim Curry (Farley Claymore) (reprising their respective roles), as well as speech from the movie. The Shadow's speech for this game was provided by Williams/Midway voice actor, Tim Kitzrow.[1]

The game's noted features include player-controlled ball diverters on the left and right ramps, a magnetic ball lock (which freezes the ball and pulls the ball inside the ball lock for Shadow Multiball), and a Breakout-style upper playfield, called "The Battlefield".


The goal is to complete the following tasks to engage in a Final Battle with Shiwan Khan, the game's antagonist:

  • Complete Scenes: Complete the following scenes:
    • Punish The Guilty
    • Farley Claymore
    • Duel Of Wills (video mode)
    • The Beryllium Sphere
    • Escape Underwater Doom
    • Discover Hotel Monolith
  • Conquer Battle Field:
  • Shadow Multiball
  • Khan Multiball


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