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The Shadow
Yoav aliasi.jpg
Background information
Birth name Yoav Eliasi
Born (1977-11-21) November 21, 1977 (age 39)
Origin Safed, Israel
Genres Rap
Years active 1999–present
Labels TACT Records/Helicon
Associated acts TACT Family, Joe Budden, Miri Ben-Ari

Yoav Eliasi (Hebrew: יואב אליאסי‎‎) (born November 21, 1977), commonly known by his stage name The Shadow (Hebrew: הצל‎‎), is an Israeli rap artist. He is part of the stable of artists on the label, TACT Records.


He was born in Safed; his family relocated to Tel Aviv two years later. By his teenage years he had formed a deep bond with Kobi "Subliminal" Shimoni, and the two began performing together at hip-hop shows.

After finishing his mandatory service in the IDF, he decided to stay on. This is where his rap name allegedly derives from. The official TACT Records profile says that Yoav Eliasi was in an elite undercover unit where he could not show his face, though in an interview with Yehoram Gaon on Channel 1, Eliasi claims that he was a M'faked Mishma'at ("Discipline Officer").

He was featured with Kobi "Subliminal" Shimoni and their colleague, Tamer Nafar in the documentary Channels of Rage.

In July 2014, Eliasi was a central organiser of a right-wing confrontation on a demonstration by Israeli left-wing anti-war protesters opposing Operation Protective Edge against Gaza.[1][2] An editorial in Haaretz described him as "the dangerous product of incessant incitement by extreme right-wing elements."[3]

Yoav aliasi in confrontation with leftist activists in Tel Aviv


Studio Albums[edit]


  • Lo Sam Zain (Hebrew: לא שם זין, "Doesn't put a dick" Non-literal translations: "Don't give a shit" or "Don't give a fuck" or "Don't give a damn" [official translation by TACT] ) (2008)

With Subliminal[edit]

  • Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel (Hebrew: האור והצל, "The Light and the Shadow") 2002

With TACT (Tel-Aviv City Team)[edit]

  • TACT All-Stars (Hebrew: תאקט אול סטארז, "TACT All-Stars") (2004)



From Lo Sam Zain[edit]
  • Meantezet 2007 (Hebrew: מענטזת 2007, "Moves Her Ass 2007") (2007)

With TACT[edit]

Non-album singles[edit]
  • Shir Shel Rega Ehad (Hebrew: שיר של רגע אחד, "Song of One Moment") (2005)
From TACT All-Stars[edit]
  • Hineni/Viens Ici (Hebrew: הנני/VIENS ICI, "Here I am") (2004)
  • Lama (Hebrew: למה, "Why?") (2004)
  • Prahim ba'Kaneh (Hebrew: פרחים בקנה, "Flowers in the Turrets") (2004)
  • Peace in the Middle East (Hebrew: שלום במזרח התיכון, "Peace in the Middle East") (2004)


Ha'Tzel has worked with Israel house duo "Knob" on a re-work of Haddaway's song "What Is Love".[4]

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