The Shadow (video game)

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The Shadow
The Shadow box art.jpg
North American cover art
Developer(s)Ocean Software
Publisher(s)Ocean Software
Designer(s)Brian Flanagan
Ivan Davies
Programmer(s)Robbie Tinman
Artist(s)Mark Povey
Martin McDonald
Matthew Wood
Composer(s)Jonathan Dunn
SeriesThe Shadow
Platform(s)Super NES
Genre(s)Beat 'em up

The Shadow is a video game that is based on the film of the same name. It was planned for release in 1994 but was canceled.


The Shadow battles various enemies in the game.

The gameplay is similar to other Beat 'em up games such as Final Fight or Double Dragon, where the player controls The Shadow through several levels fighting against several enemies. The player has two bars; one is the life bar and a bar that allows the player to perform special attacks (invisibility, gun play, speed running, a dome shield that knocks out everyone who hits it). It also contains a driving stage where The Shadow battles Mongols on motorbikes (Maritech Labs), and roughly follows the plot of the movie.


A video game version of The Shadow for the Super NES was developed to tie in with the 1994 film,[1] but after the low box office gross, was never released despite being completed.[2]

A version of the game was also being developed and planned to be published by Ocean Software for the Atari Jaguar CD as one of the first games announced for the then-upcoming add-on, however, development on the port was scrapped in favor of creating a conversion of Lobo, an unreleased fighting game based on the DC Comics character of the same name that was also in development by Ocean.[3][4][5][6]


Next Generation reviewed the SNES version of the game, rating it two stars out of five, and stated that "The Shadow boils down to a 'take-it-or-leave-it' no-brainer of a title."[7]



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