The Shadow of Love

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"The Shadow of Love"
Single by The Damned
from the album Phantasmagoria
B-side "Nightshift"
Released 10 June 1985
Format 7"/10"/12" single
Recorded 1985
Length 3:51
Label MCA
Producer(s) Jon Kelly
The Damned singles chronology
"Grimly Fiendish"
"The Shadow of Love"
"Is It a Dream?"

"The Shadow Of Love" was a single by the Damned, released by MCA on 10 June 1985.

It was released in several formats, with the 10" and 12" versions featuring different mixes of "The Shadow of Love", as well as a bonus track, "Would You". Limited numbers of the 7" single included a bonus record, featuring Rat Scabies' solo single "Let There Be Rats", previously only available via mail order. The song was promoted with the help of a video directed by Peter Cornish, and reached No. 25 in the UK charts.

MCA also issued the single in Germany, with the German 7" featuring a slightly different mix of "The Shadow of Love".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Shadow of Love" (Jugg, Scabies, Vanian, Merrick) - 3:51
  2. "Nightshift" (Jugg, Scabies, Vanian, Merrick)

Bonus tracks on 10" version: -

  1. "The Shadow of Love (Ten Inches of Hell Mix)" (Jugg, Scabies, Vanian, Merrick) - 6:32
  2. "Would You" (Mason, Scabies, Jugg, Vanian, Merrick)

Production credits[edit]