The Shamrock (band)

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The Shamrock
Origin Rijeka, Croatia
Genres Slavic, Celtic
Years active 2007—present
Website Official site
Members Damir Markotić
Mario Mudrić
Sandi Harapin
Paul Markotić
Anamarija Martinčić
Igor Vidaković
Past members Marko
Petra Stipanić
Antonio Babić
Ana Jajalo
Elvis Ponjević
Hrvoje Pitlović
Filip Mikić

The Shamrock is a six-piece Croatian band from Rijeka that plays a mixture of Slavic and Celtic music, formed in 2007. The first album, titled "..otom potom..", was released in June 2008, and was a mixture of traditional Irish music and self-written songs. In summer 2009. they released an EP with three songs titled "Sjećanje na livade" (The memory of the meadow). Over time, they're creating more and more their own special style with a strong influence of ancient Slavic folklore and mythology as well as Celtic music.

A new album will be released in 2013.[needs update] This second album will put more power with melodic folk instruments, hard guitar riffs and very loud and fast drum beats.


The actual idea to create The Shamrock came during the performance on the 29. RiRock Festival, while the former band "Shamrock" ( the Punk band whose members were Damir, Aleksandar and Paul) called a mutual friend Hrvoje to learn to play one of their songs on the block flute. After the outstanding reaction from the public everything started to change in a very fast motion. The band decided to switch their style into Folk. The members started to buy new instruments ( Banjo, Whistle, Mandolin), new members started to come to the "new" band. In a very short period the band got 4 new members. Ana and Petra as the backvocals, Elvis as the bass player and Anamarija on the violin. In that formation the first demo album "...otom potom... " was recorded and it contained 5 songs. Shortly after that as a new member came Antonio who played the Accordion and Petra left the band. In this formation the band recorded its first Demo-single "Sjećanje na livade" with 3 songs. Band had more than a few concerts on the areas of Kvarner and the entire Croatia, and also played on lot of festivals and in a very short time it found its place on the scene. At the end of 2009. Antonio left the band and the number of members came to a size 7. The band made their first Music-video for the song “Novi Dom”. Aleksandar left the band after the filming– Filip took his place. A short period after that Elvis and Ana left the band too, then Sandi joined The Shamrock. Hrvoje and Filip left the band in 2011 and 2012 because of their Jobs, so Igor and Mario came on their places.

Band members[edit]

  • Damir Markotić (since 2007)

Lead Vocal, Banjo, Tin-Whistles

  • Mario Mudrić (since November 2012)

E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

  • Paul Markotić (since 2007)

Drums, Percussion

  • Sandi Harapin (since November 2010)


  • Anamarija Martinčić (since March 2008)

Fiddle, Vocal

  • Igor Vidaković (since December 2011)

Flute, Tin-Whistles, Low-Whistles, Vocal

Former members[edit]

  • Marko (January–April 2008)


  • Petra Stipanić (since January 2008 - February 2009)


  • Antonio Babić (since August 2008 - October or November 2009)


  • Aleksandar (aka Aco) Lučić (since 2007 - March 2010)

E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

  • Elvis Ponjević (since April 2008 - October 2010)


  • Ana Jajalo (since January 2008 - November 2010)


  • Hrvoje(Hrco) Pitlović (since December 2007-December 2011)

Whistles, Vocal

  • Filip Mikić (since March 2010-November 2012)

E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar


  • Demo (2007)
  • ...otom potom... (2008)
  • Sjecanje na livade (2009)
  • Novi Dom - DVD (2010)
  • -Unknown Album- (2012)

...otom potom...[edit]

  • 1. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore (traditional arranged by Damir M.)
  • 2. Moja Raka (Lyrics: Hrvoje P. - Music: Damir M.)
  • 3. Zbogom Sve (Lyrics: Peter P. - Music: Damir M.)
  • 4. Mara (Lyrics: Hrvoje P. - Music: Damir M.)
  • 5. Oda Dubravi (Lyrics: Trzezbor Piekutowski - Music: Damir M.)

"Sjecanje na livade"[edit]

  • 1. Ladarice (Lyrics: Damir M. - Music: Damir M.)
  • 2. Novi dom (Lyrics: Hrvoje P. - Music: Damir M.)
  • 3. Old Skibbereen (Lyrics: Old Slavic poesy - Music: Damir M.)

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