The Shaolin Drunken Monk

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The Shaolin Drunken Monk
Traditional 螳螂醉八拳
Directed by Au-Yeung Jun
Starring Gordon Liu
Eagle Han-ying
Distributed by Star Sea Motion Picture Co.
Release date
  • 1 October 1982 (1982-10-01)
Running time
82 minutes
Language Mandarin and Korean

The Shaolin Drunken Monk is a 1982 kung fu film directed by Au Yeung Chun and Lau Ka-Liang, and produced by Ocean Shores.

The film is generally considered a bust, but is noted for its soundtrack and atmospheric flashbacks.


After a kung-fu master is killed by his students and his wife forced into suicide, their son (Lao Chung) must run for his life. Eventually, Lao discovers a hermit who has history in Shaolin and drunken kung-fu and is taught kung-fu. To avenge his parents, Lao kidnaps the daughter of one of the men who betrayed his father in hope of luring him out. Through the process of defeating his minions Lao befriends a one-handed fighter out for similar revenge, and the daughter falls in love with Lao. Lao and the one-handed man team-up in a final battle to the death. When the fight is over the daughter commits suicide in grievance of her father's past deeds, death & Lao's role in them both.


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