The Sharing of Flesh

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"The Sharing of Flesh"
Galaxy Sharing.jpg
Author Poul Anderson
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Galaxy Science Fiction
Publication date 1968

"The Sharing of Flesh" (also published as "The Dipteroid Phenomenon") is a science fiction novelette by Poul Anderson. Originally published in Galaxy Science Fiction (December 1968), it won a 1968 Hugo Award for Best Novelette and was nominated for a 1969 Nebula Award.[1] The story has appeared in the collections The Night Face & Other Stories (1979), The Dark Between the Stars (1981),[1] Winners (1981), and The Long Night (1983).[2]

Plot summary[edit]

After a galactic dark age, humanity sends an expedition to a primitive human planet, where all cultures practice cannibalism as a rite of manhood. When one of the expedition members is brutally killed, his wife embarks on a mission of vengeance.


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