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This article is about the American doo wop band. For other uses, see Shell (disambiguation).

The Shells were an American doo wop ensemble formed in Brooklyn in 1956.

The group scored a US pop hit in 1957 with the song "Baby Oh Baby", released on Johnson Records; the song cracked the Top 30.[1] Further singles passed with little success until 1960, when producers Donn Fileti and Wayne Stierle re-issued "Baby Oh Baby"; the tune hit #21 on the US Billboard Hot 100 upon rerelease.[2] The group issued several further singles, as well as a split LP with The Dubs in 1963.


  • Nate Bouknight
  • Randy Shade Alston
  • Bobby Nurse
  • Danny Small
  • Gus Geter
  • Alphonse Merkman


Note:This list is incomplete

  • "Angel Eyes" (1957) and (What's In An Angels Eyes 1960)
  • "Baby Oh Baby" (1957; re-released 1961)
  • "Sippin' Soda" (1958)
  • "She Wasn't Meant for Me" (1959)
  • "Be Sure My Love" (1960)
  • "So Fine" (1960)
  • "Explain it to Me" (1961)
  • "Happy Holiday (1962; with Ray Lamont Jones)
  • "Angel Eyes" (1957)
  • "Deep in my heart" (1962)


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