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The Shelton Brothers, Bob, Joe and Merle, were pioneer country musicians and renowned recording artists based out of Texas from the mid-1930s through the 1960s. They created and popularized the songs Johnson's Old Gray Mule, Deep Elm Blues, These Shoes Are Killing Me, Oh Monah, Match Box Blues and My Heart Oozes Blood For You, "What's The Matter With Deep Elm", "I'm A Handy Man To Have Around" and "Henpecked Husband Blues". The Shelton Brothers (Joe and Bob) also wrote (their names appear as co-writers, but the writer was actually, individually, Sydney Robin) and were the second to record "Just Because" (Decca 46008), a song that has since been recorded numerous times by various artists including Elvis Presley who included it on his very first album titled "Elvis Presley". The original recording was by Nelstone's Hawaiians, comprising Hubert Nelson and James D. Touchstone. The song's opening line reads: Just because you think you're so pretty, just because you think you're so hot..... "Just Because" was the Shelton's first release on Decca but, due to their popularity, they went on to cut over 150 sides for the label. They also recorded sides for Victor Records and King Records. The Shelton Brothers would become one of the most successful country acts of the era.

The Shelton Brothers was also one of the earliest acts to appear on the famous Big D Jamboree which originated from the Dallas Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. They later became an integral part of The Saturday Night Shindig which also originated from Dallas.


Record number Titles Record label
46008 Just Because / Deep Elm Blues Decca Records
46009 Ida Red / South Decca Records
5079 Beautiful Louisiana / Neath The Maple In The Lane Decca Records
5099 Deep Elem Blues / Hang Out The Front door Key Decca Records
5100 Just Because / Who Wouldn't Be Lonely Decca Records
5135 Message From Home Sweet Home / Will There Be Cowboys Up In Heaven Decca Records
5161 Johnson's Old Gray Mule / Nothin' Decca Records
5170 Answer To Just Because / That's A Habit I've Never Had Decca Records
5173 New John Henry Blues / Ridin' On A Humpback Mule! Decca Records
5180 Eleven Miles From Leavenworth / Budded Roses Decca Records
5190 I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World / Four Or Five Times Decca Records
5198 Deep Elem Blues #2 / Daddy Don't Let No Low Down Hangin' Round Decca Records
5219 When It's Night Time In Nevada / The Black Sheep Decca Records
5261 Lover's Farewell / Sweet Evalina Decca Records
5339 New Trouble In Mind / Dollar Down Dollar a Week Decca Records
5353 Alone With My Sorrows / Story Of Seven Roses Decca Records
5367 Just Because #3 / Giving everything Away Decca Records
5381 She Was Happy Til She Met You / A Prisoner's Dream Decca Records
5397 Goodness Gracious Gracie / Nobody But My Baby Decca Records
5409 Cinda Lou / I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail Decca Records
5422 Deep Elm Blues #3 / Go Long Mule Decca Records
5440 Answer To Blue Eyes / Someone To Love When You're Gone Decca Records
5456 Uncle Eph's Got The Coon / New Cindy Lou Decca Records
5468 That Golden Love / Answer To Prisoner's Dream Decca Records
5471 I'm Gonna Fix Your Wagon / Way Down In Georgia Decca Records
5475 Blue Kimono Blues / My Gal Is Mean Decca Records
5484 I Told Them All About You / Seven Years With The Wrong Woman Decca Records
5496 By The Stump Of The Old Pine Tree / Eight More Years To Go Decca Records
5508 When You Think A Lot About Somebody / Jealous Decca Records



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