The Shorts

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The Shorts
Origin  Netherlands
Genres Country, Pop
Years active 1976-1987
Past members
  • Hans van Vondelen
  • Erik de Wildt
  • Hans Stokkermans
  • Peter Wezenbeek

The Shorts were a pop group from the Netherlands[1] consisting of Hans van Vondelen (vocals), Erik de Wildt (keyboard), Hans Stokkermans (bass guitar) and Peter Wezenbeek (drums). The group was formed in 1976, and scored a 1983 international hit with "Comment ça va". Last "recorded" appearance in from Sopot Festival 1984.


The Shorts released one album and 11 singles.[citation needed]

Comment ça va[edit]

Comment ça va
Studio album by The Shorts
Released 1983 (1983)
Length 41:11 [2]
Label EMI

Track list[edit]

  1. Comment Ça Va 3:30
  2. One Pair 3:24
  3. Een Beetje Vuur 3:41
  4. Ik Zing 3:55
  5. Springtime 2:37
  6. I'm A Musician 4:42
  7. Je Suis, Tu Es 3:35
  8. Subway Love 4:15
  9. I'm Saving 3:25
  10. Annabelle 3:46
  11. Goodbye, Don't Cry 4:21

Recent History[edit]

[relevant? ]

Hans van Vondelen owns Fendal Sound Studios.[citation needed]Peter Wezenbeek is an owner of J.P. Audio Visueel BV and Droomtent recording studio.[citation needed] Hans Stokkermans is a detective and continues intensively playing as a musician on bass guitar.[citation needed] Erik de Wildt's owns a drug store.[citation needed]


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