The Show Is the Rainbow

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The Show is the Rainbow
Background information
OriginLincoln, Nebraska, United States
GenresIndie rock, electronic rock, electronica, hip hop, indietronica, rap rock, lo-fi, Laptop rock
Years active2003 – present
LabelsTsk Tsk Records
SAF Records
It Are Good Records
Retard Disco
Illegal Art
Associated actsBad Speler, Touch People
MembersDarren Keen

The Show is the Rainbow is a music act from Lincoln, NE, A.K.A. Darren Keen, .[1] For much of 2006, The Show is the Rainbow toured as a three-piece, with Javid Dabestani and Jim Schroeder playing alongside Keen. Currently, Keen is touring as a one-man band. The Show is the Rainbow plays an eclectic mix of rock, electronica and hip-hop inspired by artists such as The Faint, Frank Zappa, Nina Hagen, Les Savy Fav, Squarepusher and Beck. The Show is the Rainbow has gained a national following by means of near constant touring and energetic live shows that focus on audience interaction.

Darren Keen has gained notoriety for his commentary on indie fashion and scene icons such as Conor Oberst and Saddle Creek. This is most notable in the song "Up a Creek without a Saddle." Darren Keen also produced his own version of the fake interview from Bright Eyes' own Fevers and Mirrors, where he discusses cocaine, trite symbolism and indie scene stereotypes. This was in response to being "called out" in a hidden track that appears on Criteria's En Garde.

Band members[edit]

  • Darren Keen



  1. Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  2. Keepers of the Sand
  3. Up the Creek Without a Saddle
  4. The Creepiest Creep in All the Land
  5. Medicillin
  6. The Creep Returns Home
  7. Jailbait Babycake
  8. The New Deal
  9. Babe Born in Blue Skies
  1. Gothic Cajun
  2. You are the Bloodgnome
  3. Three
  4. I am the Decline
  5. Do the Skinny
  6. Alls well blah blah blah
  7. Safe Art
  8. Waiting not Working pt. 1
  9. Waiting not Working pt. 2
  10. Waiting not Working pt. 3
  11. Swatting Flies
  12. Gymnasia
  1. Made of Cardboard
  2. First Little Whisper
  3. Roar Means Run
  4. Who He Says He Is
  5. Wordless Whisper
  6. Sperm and Egg
  7. Mother and Son
  8. Run Fast At the End
  9. Come Dry Your Flower
  10. They Won't
  11. A Bloomed Loop
  12. Life Is Good
  13. Whisper At Once
  1. Return To The Microthrone
  2. Banjo Solo
  3. Know All About It
  4. Pay The Cover
  5. VAC VIB
  6. Don't Vote
  7. Brain
  8. Brian
  9. Support The Artists
  10. There's Always More Then There Was Before

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