The Sibley Guide to Birds

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The Sibley Guide to Birds
Book cover with color illustration of a Red-tailed Hawk in flight.
First edition cover
Author David Allen Sibley
Illustrator David Allen Sibley
Country United States
Language English
Genre Field guide
Published 2000 Alfred A. Knopf
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 544
ISBN 0-679-45122-6
David Allen Sibley talks about The Sibley Guide to Birds on Bookbits radio.

The Sibley Guide to Birds is a reference work and field guide for the birds found in the United States and Canada. It is written and illustrated by ornithologist David Allen Sibley. The book provides details on 810 species of birds, with information about identification, life history, vocalizations, and geographic distribution. It contains several paintings of each species, and is critically acclaimed for including images of each bird in flight. Two regional field guides using the same material as The Sibley Guide to Birds were released in 2003, one for the western half of North American and one for the eastern half.

The guide was favorably reviewed by The New York Times,[1] The Wilson Bulletin[2] (now The Wilson Journal of Ornithology), and the journal Western Birds.[3]


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