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The Sikh Awards

The world’s first annual Sikh Awards ceremony was held on 10 October 2010 as a tribute to the skills, achievements and successes of the Sikh community. It was a historical and successful event organised by The Sikh Directory.

The Sikh Directory[edit]

The Sikh Directory was published in 2006 and has since been updated and published annually. It is currently the world’s largest and most comprehensive Sikh business directory. It is an established and trusted brand which educates the next generation, stimulates community networking and connects buyers and sellers.

The Sikh Directory’s main objectives are to serve, connect and unite the Sikh community around the world, to help promote and magnify the competitiveness and breadth of Sikh businesses internationally.

Award Categories[edit]

Awards will be given to individuals or organisations who have given an excellent service in business and to the Sikh community, especially Sikhs who have delivered their service in an exceptional and innovative way and can show examples of selfless voluntary service:

  • Sikhs in Business

For the organisation or individual that can best demonstrate how it has made exceptional financial returns, shown strong growth, innovative strategies and clear market leadership in its sector. This category also incorporates Business Man, Business Women and Entrepreneur awards.

  • Sikhs in Charity

For anindividual, organisation, or society which can best demonstrate that it has the community at heart and has had a positive impact whilst improving the health and wellbeing of society.

  • Sikhs in Education

For any Sikh educational establishment, teacher or individualthat is taking a strategic approach to recognising, educating and developing the talent and skills within the community.

  • Sikhs in Entertainment

This category recognises directors, presenters, comedians, instrumentalists and musical artists etc... respected role models whopromote the Sikh identity within the entertainment industry.

  • Sikhs in Media

For an individual or organisation that has made a substantial positive impact within the media industry, including newspapers, websites, radio and television stations and all other media platforms.

  • Sikhs in Profession

Nominees in this category are employees whose contributions have made an exceptional difference on a local or global scale, in any field such as financial, medical, technology, government or legal.

  • Sikhs in Seva

This category recognises an outstanding individual who has shown exceptional vision and contribution to society through means of Seva (Selfless Voluntary Service).

  • Sikhs in Sports

For an individual that has made a significant contribution to the sports industry on a regional, national or global scale whilst promoting there Sikh Identity.

  • The Sikh Lifetime Achievement Award

For a Sikh who has made a significant contribution to Sikhism on a global scale, an individual who has demonstrated a positive impact on society whilst progressing Sikhism to higher levels.

  • The Sikh People's Choice Award

Chosen by the community through the online voting process this category recognises an individual who has had a positive impact on people's lives and has great admiration from others.

  • The Special Recognition Award

This highly respected honour is bestowed to a Sikh or non-Sikh that through their passion, dedication and commitment have made a significant contribution for the greater good of society.

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