The Silence in Black and White

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The Silence in Black and White
Hawthorne Heights' debut - TSIB&W.jpg
Studio album by Hawthorne Heights
Released June 1, 2004
Recorded 2004 at Smart Studios, Madison, Wisconsin
Length 42:55
Label Victory
Producer Sean O'Keefe
Hawthorne Heights chronology
The Silence in Black and White
If Only You Were Lonely
Alternative cover

The Silence in Black and White is the first studio album by the American rock band Hawthorne Heights after changing their name which used to be A Day in the Life.

Writing and recording[edit]

Writing for the album commenced shortly after the band changed their name from A Day In the Life to Hawthorne Heights. The Transition is believed to be the first song written for the album. The album was recorded over a four-week period at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin and at Big Gold Studios in Chicago. Drummer Eron Bucciarelli commented on the recording process of the album:


It was released on June 8, 2004 through Victory Records. The album was the label's highest selling debut at the time of its release.[5] Two music videos were produced, one for Ohio is For Lovers in 2004, and one for Niki FM in 2005. A 2-disc CD/DVD special edition was released on June 27, 2005, containing demo and acoustic versions of the tracks, live performances, and a documentary with footage of the band. It also contained a song titled "Apparently Hoverboards Don't Work on Water", which the band had recorded during their run as A Day In The Life.

"Niki FM" was released to radio on September 27, 2005.[6]

Reception and legacy[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1] 0.5/5 stars[3]

The album has peaked at #56 on the Billboard top 200 chart, #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart, and #4 on the top independent album chart.[7] The album has been certified Gold status by the RIAA. Before the release of their second album If Only You Were Lonely in February 2006, The Silence in Black and White had sold over 720,000 copies.[8] By April, album sales stood at 822,000 copies.[9]

The band is releasing a special acoustic 10th Anniversary release of the album, with all tracks being redone acoustically (set to be released May, 2014).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Life on Standby"   4:11
2. "Dissolve and Decay"   3:44
3. "Niki FM"   3:59
4. "The Transition"   4:04
5. "Blue Burns Orange"   3:19
6. "Silver Bullet"   4:03
7. "Screenwriting an Apology"   3:41
8. "Ohio Is for Lovers"   4:04
9. "Wake Up Call"   4:02
10. "Sandpaper and Silk"   3:36
11. "Speeding Up the Octaves"   4:09

Re-issue CD/DVD track list[edit]


  1. "Life On Standby"
  2. "Dissolve and Decay"
  3. "Niki FM"
  4. "The Transition"
  5. "Blue Burns Orange"
  6. "Silver Bullet"
  7. "Screenwriting An Apology"
  8. "Ohio Is for Lovers"
  9. "Wake Up Call"
  10. "Sandpaper and Silk"
  11. "Speeding Up the Octaves"
  12. "Silver Bullet" (demo)
  13. "Niki FM" (demo)
  14. "Speeding Up the Octaves" (demo)
  15. "Ohio Is for Lovers" (live acoustic on Q101)
  16. "The Transition" (live acoustic on Q101)
  17. "Silver Bullet" (acoustic in the studio)
  18. "Apparently Hover Boards Don't Work On Water" (As a Day In the Life)


  1. "Life On Standby (live)
  2. "Silver Bullet" (live)
  3. "Niki FM" (live)
  4. "The Transition" (live)
  5. "Ohio Is for Lovers" (live)
  6. "Speeding Up the Octaves" (live)
  7. Signing Footage
  8. Interview With Hawthorne Heights
  9. Yahoo! Music interview
  10. Yahoo! Music - "Ohio Is for Lovers"
  11. Ohio Is for Lovers (music video)
  12. Seven Commercial Spots
  13. Speeding Up the Octaves (demo video)
  14. Audio Commentary On "Ohio Is for Lovers"
  15. Victory Van Raiders Featuring Silverstein
  16. Bus Tour With J.T. of Hawthorne Heights
  17. Fans of Hawthorne Heights Montage

On the flip side of this DVD there is a music video of the band June, and many other bands from Victory Records. It also includes the music video for "Niki FM".

DVD Includes A Live Performance From Skate Fest 2004 At The Palladium In Worcester, MA

Special acoustic 10th anniversary edition (2014 release)[edit]


  1. "Life On Standby"
  2. "Dissolve and Decay"
  3. "Niki FM"
  4. "The Transition"
  5. "Blue Burns Orange"
  6. "Silver Bullet"
  7. "Screenwriting An Apology"
  8. "Ohio Is for Lovers"
  9. "Wake Up Call"
  10. "Sandpaper and Silk"
  11. "Speeding Up the Octaves"



Hawthorne Heights

Guest appearances
  • Grace Carli – backing vocals (for songs "Blue Burns Orange", "The Transition", and "Wake Up Call")[10]


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