The Silent Enigma

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The Silent Enigma
Anathema The Silent Enigma.jpg
Studio album by Anathema
Released 23 October 1995
Recorded May-June 1995 at Lynx Studios, Newcastle, except "...Alone" (recorded at M. A. Studios, Liverpool)
Genre Death-doom, gothic metal
Length 54:37
Label Peaceville
Producer Anathema
Anathema chronology
Pentecost III
(1995)Pentecost III1995
The Silent Enigma
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]
Sputnikmusic 2.5/5 stars[2]
Metal Storm 9.5/10 stars[3]

The Silent Enigma is the second album by British rock band Anathema, released on 23 October 1995 through Peaceville Records.

The Silent Enigma represents a turning point in Anathema's career (it is the first album to feature guitarist Vincent Cavanagh singing lead vocals, replacing Darren White) and sees the band incorporating more clean vocals and melodic elements, while still retaining the band's early death-doom style. The album was originally titled Rise Pantheon Dreams, a title later used by White for his post-Anathema project The Blood Divine.

Where Darren's vocals were more guttural, Vincent's newer style pushed the possibilities for Anathema onwards and upwards, with a scope and breath beyond his years. Lauded by the metal press, the album has since been described by Terrorizer magazine as "one of Anathema's best". The special edition of the album also features two bonus tracks.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Anathema.

No. Title Length
1. "Restless Oblivion" 8:03
2. "Shroud of Frost" 7:31
3. "...Alone" 4:24
4. "Sunset of Age" 6:57
5. "Nocturnal Emission" 4:20
6. "Cerulean Twilight" 7:05
7. "The Silent Enigma" 4:25
8. "A Dying Wish" 8:12
9. "Black Orchid" 3:40
Total length: 54:37
2003 re-release bonus tracks
No. Title Length
10. "The Silent Enigma (Orchestral)" 4:12
11. "Sleepless 96" 4:31
Total length: 63:20

2003 Remastered Release[edit]

A remastered version of The Silent Enigma was released on 2003 by Peaceville Records. The 2-disc package features the band's the entire The Silent Enigma album fully re-mastered on CD, along with a DVD featuring a live performance recorded in Kraków, Poland, in March 1996, as well as promotional videos for the tracks "Sweet Tears", "Mine Is Yours to Drown In (Ours Is the New Tribe)", "The Silent Enigma", and "Hope".


Promotional Videos
  1. "Sweet Tears"
  2. "Mine Is Yours"
  3. "The Silent Enigma"
  4. "Hope"
Live (Krakow 1.3.96)
  1. "Intro"
  2. "Restless Oblivion"
  3. "Shroud of Frost"
  4. "We the Gods"
  5. "Sunset of Age"
  6. "Mine Is Yours"
  7. "Sleepless"
  8. "The Silent Enigma"
  9. "A Dying Wish"


Guest musicians[edit]

  • Derek Fullwood - spoken word on "Shroud of Frost"
  • Rebecca Wilson - female vocals on "...Alone"


  • Meany - photography (band)
  • Simon Mooney - photography
  • Danny Cavanagh - orchestral arrangements
  • Mags - mixing
  • Hammy - executive producer
  • Kev Ridley - engineering
  • Joseph Wright of Derby - cover art. "Lady In Milton's Comus", 1785.


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