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John Payne appeared in the Silver Theatre presentation of "School for Love" in 1949

The Silver Theatre is a television series that was broadcast on the CBS television network from 1949 to 1950. Hosted by Conrad Nagel, it was a live[1]anthology series consisting of dramatic teleplays about romance. It was sponsored by the International Silver Company. Per an episode on the Internet Archive the series ran 25 minutes excluding commercials. There were a total of thirty-nine episodes.[2]

It was nominated for one Primetime Emmy Award in 1949 in the category Best Film Made for and Viewed on Television or episode The Guiding Star.[3]

Among its guest stars were Hugh Beaumont, Ward Bond, Ann Dvorak, William Frawley, Eva Gabor, Margaret Hamilton, Marsha Hunt (actress), Kim Hunter, Paul Lukas, Diana Lynn, Burgess Meredith, John Payne (actor), George Reeves, and Gig Young.[4][5]

Seventeen filmed episodes of the program were leased and rerun as episodes of The Bigelow Theatre.[6]

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