The Similou

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The Similou
Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Genres Electronic
Years active 2004
Labels Dealers of Nordic Music
Members Joel Eriksson
Erik Niklasson

The Similou were an electronic music duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, comprising Dizzy Crane (Joel Eriksson) and Jesse Nectar (Erik Niklasson).



Swedish singles[edit]

  • "All This Love" (8 December 2004) — SWE No. 58[1]
  • "Ladykillers" (6 April 2005)
  • "Play with Us" (19 October 2005)

Australian singles[edit]

  • "All This Love" (28 August 2006) — AUS No. 37[1]
  • "All This Love" (Tonite Only Fuck Tomorrow Remix) — AUS Club Chart No. 1
  • "All This Love" (Those Usual Suspects Get Funktafied Mix)

UK singles[edit]

  • "All This Love" (31 July 2006) — UK No. 20

UK single:

  1. "All This Love (Rainbow Styalin')" (radio edit)
  2. "All This Love" (Love to Infinity Radio Mix)

UK maxi single:

  1. "All This Love" (radio edit)
  2. "All This Love" (The Young Punx Club Mix)
  3. "All This Love" (The Drill Remix)
  4. "All This Love" (Love to Infinity Classic Mix)
  5. "All This Love" (Love to Infinity Club Mix)
  6. "All This Love" (Zoo Brazil Remix)
  7. "All This Love" (video)

Internet meme[edit]

"All This Love" is the base of an internet meme, particularly on the website YTMND. On July 16, 2006, YTMND user Salta created a site called "Rainbow Stalin;" which comes from a misinterpretation of the words "rainbow stylin'" in The Similou's song to be about Joseph Stalin. This site featured an edited Soviet propaganda picture to which Salta added a rainbow and gave Stalin cartoon-like eyes. Many of the sites have Soviet propaganda art edited with flashing colors and accessories such as sunglasses, headphones, and turntables to portray Stalin as a jubilant DJ. While the meme comes from YTMND, references can be found on other websites such as YouTube.


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