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The Sims FreePlay
The sims freeplay icon.jpg
Developer(s)EA Mobile
Firemonkeys Studios
Blue Tongue Entertainment
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
SeriesThe Sims
Platform(s)iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Fire OS, WebOS, Windows Phone
December 15, 2011
February 15, 2012
Blackberry 10
July 31, 2013
Windows Phone 8
September 12, 2013 (discontinued)
Genre(s)Life simulation, Social simulation

The Sims FreePlay is a strategic life simulation game developed by EA Mobile and later with Firemonkeys Studios. It is a free version of The Sims for mobile devices; it was released for iOS on December 15, 2011,[1] released for Android in February 15, 2012,[2] released for BlackBerry 10 in July 31, 2013, and released for Windows Phone 8 in September 12, 2013. The game was released for Fire OS in October 2012.


In The Sims FreePlay, players "build" and design houses and customize and create (a maximum of 100) virtual people called Sims. Players can control their Sims to satisfy their wishes, and let them complete different kinds of actions to gain Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, and Social Points (all three currencies in the game). The game runs in real-time, and takes real time to complete actions.[3] All actions must be instructed by players, unlike in the Windows version, where Sims have some degree of autonomy. Players can progress through 55 levels to unlock content (such as furniture for the Sims’ houses) that can be purchased with the virtual currencies previously mentioned. Families of Sims can have children provided there is one adult; there is a limit on the amount of allowable couples[citation needed] due to a limit on the people in the player's town. However, if the player buys items from the online store, they become a VIP that will allow them to increase the number of Sims they can have in their town. In the game, there are "quests" that players are required to complete as well as optional quests ("discovery quests") that they may choose to pursue. Sims must bake a cake to age until completion of a certain quota of discovery quests. There are three types of currency:

  • Simoleons - gained by completing actions (such as baking/cooking or gardening), or sending your Sims to work .
  • Lifestyle Points - gained by completing hobby collections and / or tasks
  • Social Points - gained by completing Social tasks (rewarded 1-2 social points for each).

This game has more detail than The Sims 4 or The Sims Mobile, but choices on Sim Customization can be limited (unless bought with real currency) and actions take real time to complete. These actions can take up to 3 days.


The game is regularly updated with new content,[4] and has many events and competitions announced at FreePlay's official Facebook page. Updates commonly include elements from various expansion packs and stuff packs from the main series.[citation needed]

As of April 2017, Windows Phones no longer receive updates from the game.[5]

In June 2018, pregnancy and baby showers were added to the game.[6] It was said that fans had requested the feature be added to the game ever since FreePlay[7] launched. Before this update, Sims had to marry for an option to be given to add a baby to the family.[8]

On October 15, 2018, augmented reality multiplayer was added.[9]

In July 2019, autosave function was available.[10]


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