The Singing Cave (Dillon novel)

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The Singing Cave
First US edition cover
Author Eilís Dillon
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction
Set in Connemara
Published 1959 by Faber & Faber
Media type Print
Pages 186 pp
OCLC 43187026
LC Class PZ7.D579

The Singing Cave is a 1959 young adult novel by Irish writer Eilís Dillon, first published by Faber & Faber in the UK. It was published the following year in the US by Funk & Wagnalls, illustrated by Stan Campbell.[1][2][3]


Pat, a boy who lives on the west coast of Ireland at Connemara, explores a niche in a cliff that is known locally as "the singing cave". One day, Pat finds the tomb of a Viking warrior in an inner chamber. When he returns the next day the relics have disappeared, but Pat has told nobody about it but his grandfather and Mr Allen, an amateur archaeologist. Pat and his friend Tom Joyce seek to solve the mystery.[4]


Declan Kiberd wrote, "What Laura Ingalls Wilder did for children's literature in the US, she achieved in Ireland, imparting a sure historical sense in books such as The Singing Cave.[5]


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