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This article is about the 2000 BBC TV show. For other uses, see sin (disambiguation).

The Sins is a BBC television series from 2000. It was directed by David Yates, Sallie Aprahamian and Simon Curtis and written by William Ivory. It centres on Len Green (Pete Postlethwaite), a former bank robber and getaway driver, who has retired from the criminal life and joined the undertakers run by his uncle (Frank Finlay). However, his resolve to stay out of the criminal world is tested by temptations based on the seven deadly sins. Other cast included Geraldine James as Len's wife, Claire Rushbrook, Kaye Wragg, Laura Rogers, Caroline Hayes and Billie Cook as their daughters, Amanda Abbington, Philip Jackson, Neil Stuke, Nick Raggett and Kenneth Macdonald.


Producer Liza Marshall won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Newcomer in 2001, and Ivory an Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Miniseries in 2002. In the 2001 BAFTAs it was nominated for Best Actor (Postlethwaite), Best Actress (James) and Best Drama Series (Marshall and Ivory), but won none of these categories.


  1. "Pride" (24 October 2000)
  2. "Covetousness" (31 October 2000)
  3. "Lust" (7 November 2000)
  4. "Envy" (14 November 2000)
  5. "Greed" (21 November 2000)
  6. "Anger" (28 November 2000)
  7. "Sloth" (5 December 2000)

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