The Siren (Waterhouse painting)

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The Siren
The Siren
ArtistJohn William Waterhouse
Yearcirca 1900
Dimensions81 cm × 53 cm (32 in × 21 in)

The Siren is a painting by John William Waterhouse. The painting depicts a siren sitting at the edge of a cliff, lyre in hand, staring down at a shipwrecked sailor floating in water, who in turn is staring up at her.

According to the William Waterhouse's website,[1] this picture was painted in 1900 and is now part of a private collection. The estimated sales price for the painting in 2003 was one million pounds.[2]

"The Siren He listened in thrall to the song of the siren, Her voice like a star as it flew through the air. He drowned in her eyes as she called him to follow, And likened the sun to the gold of her hair.

She swept up her arms and held him close to her, Her soft lips caressing the lines on his brow. He could not resist her, a magic had trapped him, And nothing could save him, for she had him now.

She pulled him down with her into the clear water, He gasped as death started the grip on his soul. His life ebbed away as she dragged him still further, And laughed when she saw she'd accomplished her goal." - Charlotte Lester.


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