The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō

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The title page for the series of ukiyo-e prints.

The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō (木曾街道六十九次, Kiso Kaidō Rokujūkyū-tsugi) or Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Road, is a series of ukiyo-e works created by Utagawa Hiroshige and Keisai Eisen. There are 71 total prints in the series (one for each of the 69 post stations and Nihonbashi; Nakatsugawa-juku has two prints).

The common name for the Kiso Kaidō is "Nakasendō" so the series is sometimes referred to as the Sixty-nine Stations of the Nakasendō. It is a follow up to Hiroshige's The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō and he produced 47 of the prints, with Eisen being responsible for the rest.[1]

The series was published by Iseya Rihei (Kinjudō) from c. 1834-1842.[2]

The Nakasendō[edit]

The Nakasendō was one of the Five Routes constructed under Tokugawa Ieyasu, a series of roads linking the historical capital of Edo with the rest of Japan. The Nakasendō connected Edo with the then-capital of Kyoto. It was an alternate route to the Tōkaidō and travelled through the central part of Honshū, thus giving rise to its name, which means "Central Mountain Road". Along this road, there were sixty-nine different post stations, which provided stables, food, and lodging for travelers.

Prints by Eisen[edit]

Ukiyo-e print of Gōdo-juku, by Eisen

Eisen produced the first 11 prints of the series, from Nihonbashi to Honjō-shuku, stretching from Tokyo to Saitama Prefecture. His prints from Gunma Prefecture include Kuragano-shuku, Itahana-shuku and Sakamoto-shuku. Representing Nagano Prefecture, he made prints of Kutsukake-shuku, Oiwake-shuku, Iwamurada-shuku, Shiojiri-shuku, Narai-juku, Yabuhara-juku, Nojiri-juku and Magome-juku. His last two prints, Unuma-juku and Gōdo-juku represent Gifu Prefecture. After that, Hiroshige took over production of the series.

Prints by Hiroshige[edit]

Kisokaido53 Kano.jpg

Hiroshige's prints start in Gunma Prefecture and include Shinmachi-shuku, Takasaki-shuku, Annaka-shuku and Matsuida-shuku. His prints that reflect Nagano Prefecture] are Karuisawa-shuku, Otai-shuku, from Shionada-juku to Shimosuwa-shuku, from Seba-juku to Niekawa-juku, from Miyanokoshi-juku to Suhara-juku, Midono-juku and Tsumago-juku. His prints from Gifu Prefecture include Ochiai-juku to Ōta-juku, Kanō-juku, and from Mieji-juku to Imasu-juku. His last ten prints, from Kashiwabara-juku to Ōtsu-juku are all in Shiga Prefecture.

Tabulation of series[edit]

The series consists of the sixty-nine stations of the Kiso Kaidō, plus a board for the starting point, the Nihonbashi bridge ("bridge of Japan") in Edo, and an additional print for the Nakatsugawa-juku station; a total of 71 prints, to which must be added the title page.

The series was published by publisher Takenouchi-Hōeidō, for the first part, and by publisher Kinjūdō for the second. Subsequent reissues were made by Kinjūdō.

Woodcut print English name Author Japanese name Transliteration
1 Kisokaido Nihonbashi.jpg Nihonbashi Eisen 日本橋 Nihonbashi
2 Kisokaido01 Itabashi.jpg Itabashi Eisen 板橋宿 Itabashi
3 Kisokaido02 Warabi.jpg Warabi Eisen 蕨宿 Warabi
4 Kisokaido03 Urawa.jpg Urawa Eisen 浦和宿 Urawa
5 Kisokaido04 Omiya.jpg Omiya Eisen 大宮宿 Omiya
6 Kisokaido05 Ageo.jpg Ageo Eisen 上尾宿 Ageo
7 Kisokaido06 Okegawa.jpg Okegawa Eisen 桶川宿 Okegawa
8 Kisokaido07 Konosu.jpg Konosu Eisen 鴻巣宿 Konosu
9 Kisokaido08 Kumagai.jpg Kumagaya Eisen 熊谷宿 Kumagai
10 Kisokaido09 Fukaya.jpg Fukaya Eisen 深谷宿 Fukaya'
11 Kisokaido10 Honjo.jpg Honjo Eisen 本庄宿 Honjo
12 Kisokaido11 Shinmachi.jpg Shinmachi Hiroshige 新町宿 Shinmachi
13 Kisokaido12 Kuragano.jpg Kuragano Eisen 倉賀野宿 Kuragano
14 Kisokaido13 Takasaki.jpg Takasaki Hiroshige 高崎宿 Takasaki
15 Kisokaido14 Itahana.jpg Itabana Eisen 板鼻宿 Itahana
16 Kisokaido15 Annaka.jpg Annaka Hiroshige 安中宿 Annaka
17 Kisokaido16 Matsuida.jpg Matsuida Hiroshige 松井田宿 Matsuida
18 Kisokaido17 Sakamoto.jpg Sakamoto Eisen 坂本宿 Sakamoto
19 Kisokaido18 Karuisawa.jpg Karuizawa Hiroshige 軽井沢宿 Karuisawa
20 Kisokaido19 Kutsukake.jpg Kutsukake Eisen 沓掛宿 Kutsukake
21 Kisokaido20 Oiwake.jpg Oiwake Eisen 追分宿 Oiwake
22 Kisokaido21 Otai.jpg Odai Hiroshige 小田井宿 Otai
23 Kisokaido22 Iwamurada.jpg Iwamurata Eisen 岩村田宿 Iwamurada
24 Kisokaido23 Shionada.jpg Shionata Hiroshige 塩名田宿 Shionada
25 Kisokaido24 Yawata.jpg Yawata Hiroshige 八幡宿 Yawata
26 Hiroshige Travellers in the Moonlight.jpg Mochizuki Hiroshige 望月宿 Mochizuki
27 Kisokaido26 Ashida.jpg Ashida Hiroshige 芦田宿 Ashida
Kisokaido27 Nagakubo.jpg
Nagakubo Hiroshige 長久保宿 Nagakubo
29 Kisokaido28 Wada.jpg Wada Hiroshige 和田宿 Wada
30 Kisokaido29 Shimosuwa.jpg Shimosuwa Hiroshige 下諏訪宿 Shimosuwa
31 Kisokaido30 Shiojiri.jpg Shiojiri Eisen 塩尻宿 Shiojiri
32 Kisokaido31 Seba.jpg Seba Hiroshige 洗馬宿 Seba
33 Kisokaido32 Motoyama.jpg Motoyama Hiroshige 本山宿 Motoyama
34 Kisokaido33 Niekawa.jpg Niikawa Hiroshige 贄川宿 Niekawa
35 Kisokaido34 Narai.jpg Narai Eisen 奈良井宿 Narai
36 Kisokaido35 Yabuhara.jpg Yabuhara Eisen 藪原宿 Yabuhara
37 Kisokaido36 Miyanokoshi.jpg Miyanokoshi Hiroshige 宮ノ越宿 Miyanokoshi
38 Kisokaido37 Fukushima.jpg Fukushima Hiroshige 福島宿 Fukushima
39 Kisokaido38 Agematsu.jpg Agematsu Hiroshige 上松宿 Agematsu
40 Kisokaido39 Suhara.jpg Suhara Hiroshige 須原宿 Suhara
41 Kisokaido40 Nojiri.jpg Nojiri Eisen 野尻宿 Nojiri
42 Kisokaido41 Midono.jpg Mitono Hiroshige 三留野宿 Midono
43 Kisokaido42 Tsumago.jpg Tsumagome Hiroshige 妻籠宿 Tsumago
44 Kisokaido43 Magome.jpg Magome Eisen 馬籠宿 Magome
45 Kisokaido44 Ochiai.jpg Ochiai Hiroshige 落合宿 Ochiai
46 Kisokaido45a Nakatsugawa.jpg Nakatsugawa Hiroshige 中津川宿 Nakatsugawa I
47 Kisokaido45b Nakatsugawa.jpg Nakatsugawa Hiroshige 中津川宿 Nakatsugawa II
48 Kisokaido46 Oi.jpg Oi Hiroshige 大井宿 Ōi
49 Kisokaido47 Okute.jpg Okute Hiroshige 大湫宿 Ōkute
50 Kisokaido48 Hosokute.jpg Hosokute Hiroshige 細久手宿 Hosokute
51 Kisokaido49 Mitake.jpg Mitake Hiroshige 御嶽宿 Mitake
52 Kisokaido50 Fushimi.jpg Fushimi Hiroshige 伏見宿 Fushimi
53 Kisokaido51 Ota.jpg Ota Hiroshige 太田宿 Ōta
54 Kisokaido52 Unuma.jpg Unuma Eisen 鵜沼宿 Unuma
55 Kisokaido53 Kano.jpg Kano Hiroshige 加納宿 Kanō
56 Kisokaido54 Godo.jpg Kodo Eisen 河渡宿 Gōdo
57 Kisokaido55 Mieji.jpg Miyeji Hiroshige 美江寺宿 Mieji
58 Kisokaido56 Akasaka.jpg Akasaka Hiroshige 赤坂宿 Akasaka
59 Kisokaido57 Tarui.jpg Tarui Hiroshige 垂井宿 Tarui
60 Kisokaido58 Sekigahara.jpg Sekigahara Hiroshige 関ヶ原宿 Sekigahara
61 Kisokaido59 Imasu.jpg Imasu Hiroshige 今須宿 Imasu
62 Kisokaido60 Kashiwabara.jpg Kashiwabara Hiroshige 柏原宿 Kashiwabara
63 Kisokaido61 Samegai.jpg Samegai Hiroshige 醒井宿 Samegai
64 Kisokaido62 Banba.jpg Banba Hiroshige 番場宿 Banba
65 Kisokaido63 Toriimoto.jpg Toriimoto Hiroshige 鳥居本宿 Toriimoto
66 Kisokaido64 Takamiya.jpg Takamiya Hiroshige 高宮宿 Takamiya
67 Kisokaido65 Echigawa.jpg Echigawa Hiroshige 愛知川宿 Echigawa
68 Kisokaido66 Musa.jpg Musa Hiroshige 武佐宿 Musa
69 Kisokaido67 Moriyama.jpg Moriyama Hiroshige 守山宿 Moriyama
70 Kisokaido68 Kusatsu.jpg Kusatsu Hiroshige 草津宿 Kusatsu
71 Kisokaido69 Otsu.jpg Otsu Hiroshige 大津宿 Ōtsu
72 Kisokaido title.jpg Title page

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