The Slackers (album)

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The Slackers
Slackers Tape 1993.jpg
Studio album by The Slackers
Released 1993
Recorded ????
Genre Ska
Length ????
Label Special Potato Production
Producer ????
The Slackers chronology
'''The Slackers'''
Better Late Than Never
(1996)Better Late Than Never1996

The Slackers was a cassette-only 1993 album by The Slackers. Although self-released, Moon Records assisted in distribution of the release.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ray Gun Sally"
  2. "Rude Boy"
  3. "Sister Sister"
  4. "Red Onions"
  5. "Tarantula"
  6. "Rain Is Falling"
  7. "Guns of Slack"
  8. "Sleep Outside (live)"