The Sleeze Brothers

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The Sleeze Brothers
Sleeze Brothers, issue #1, Epic Comics UK
Publication information
Publisher Epic Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date June 1989 - January 1990
No. of issues 6
Creative team
Written by John Carnell
Artist(s) Andy Lanning

The Sleeze Brothers was a comic book limited series published by Epic Comics, between August 1989 and January 1990 (UK release dates), lasting for 6 issues. A collection of the six issues were later released in 1990, along with a final extended issue in 1991. It was written by John Carnell, with art by Andy Lanning. The characters were spun off from a Doctor Who comic strip by Carnell entitled "Follow That TARDIS!", published in Doctor Who Magazine #147 (April 1989), though they are not generally considered part of the Doctor Who extended universe.


The comic depicts a futuristic Earth rife with extraterrestrials, pollution, crime and corruption. The focus of the stories are El' Ape and Deadbeat Sleeze, two private eye brothers, who ply their trade in the seedy underbelly of The Big Apple, a futuristic city taking its name from the nickname of New York City.

In the comics Deadbeat and El' Ape Sleeze are described as dysfunctional orphans who grew up in an orphanage for unwanted "boil in the bag" test tube babies. As adults they use amoral and often underhanded methods to get the results demanded by their insalubrious and eclectic clients.


The title characters in the Sleeze Brothers comics were loosely inspired by Jake and Elwood Blues from the cult movie The Blues Brothers, but were actually based on Andy Lanning's two cousins, Phil and Pete Carmichael. These two characters appeared on the front cover of the collected edition.


The comics themselves are littered with contemporary parodies of both real and fictional characters, and occasional real life current affairs from 1989 and 1990. Additionally, the Sleeze Brothers storylines feature a variety of comical adult situations, and colourful (though not profane) language.

Supporting characters[edit]


  • Issue #1: "Nice And Sleezy" (aka "Anytime, Anyplanet, Anything!")
  • Issue #2: "Reel To Real"
  • Issue #3: "The Big Leap"
  • Issue #4: "Murder In Space"
  • Issue #5: "Down In The Sewer"
  • Issue #6: "The Maltese Egg"
  • Six issue collection: "The Sleeze Brothers File"
  • Additional final issue: "The Sleeze Brothers: Some Like It Fresh"


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