The Slide (musical)

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For the song by Cowboy Junkies, see One Soul Now.

The Slide is a jukebox musical featuring the songs of The Beautiful South. It was premiered at the Phoenix Theatre, Swindon.

The show follows the exploits of its main character Philip ‘Baddie’ Badwick, who receives funding from his employer to study engineering at a northern university as a mature student. On arriving he quickly meets fellow students Anthony (a good looking, self-confessed ‘ladies man’) and Patrick (an apparent geek, with an undiscovered passion for S&M). Along the way the lads encounter a variety of female characters, including Janice, (Baddie’s sincere, but long suffering girlfriend), Kim, (a feisty northern girl wanting a committed and honest relationship with Anthony), Fiona, (the ‘older women’ that introduces Patrick to S&M) and ‘the Twins’ (two free and easy northern girls just out for a laugh).

Whilst Anthony and Patrick explore love, lust and commitment, Baddie’s primary interest, and eventual dependency, quickly becomes alcohol. He finally ends up at an alcoholics anonymous meeting (at Janice’s request), but this only serves to strengthen his commitment to his addiction.

Kim leaves the cheating Anthony, and Janice leaves the alcoholic Baddie – her departure being the last straw in Baddie’s self-destruction (in the form of a final, deadly, alcoholic binge).

The show marked a distinct change from other jukebox musicals, with a gritty real-life story, steeped in realism.