The Slipper and the Rose (musical)

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The Slipper and the Rose - The Story of Cinderella
Music Songs:
Richard M. Sherman
Robert B. Sherman
Angela Morley
Basis 1976 Original Film
Productions 2001 Wolverhampton, UK
2004 Salt Lake City, Utah
2008 Cornwall, UK
2008 Tacoma, Washington
2011 York, UK
2011 Montreal, Canada
2013 Liverpool, UK

The Slipper and the Rose - The Story of Cinderella is a musical theatre retelling of the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. Originally made as a motion picture, the stage musical version was created in 1984 by Philip Burley.[1] It runs for approximately two and a half hours over two acts and an intermission.


Based on the original Cinderella fairy-tale, the story revolves around a central theme of love between Prince Edward of Euphrania and Cinderella. There are also elements of wish fulfillment notably conveyed through the character of the Fairy Godmother.

The story begins with Edward's unsuccessful search for a bride and ends with love fulfilled as Prince Edward and Cinderella marry. The plot contains many elements from the well known Cinderella story (a bride-finding ball, fitting the slipper for example), with additional twists (a betrayal).


Synopsis of Scenes[edit]



United Kingdom[edit]

This musical production has been run many times on the British stage. Notably in 2001 by the Bilston Operatic Company, Wolverhampton,[2] in May 2008 at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall,[3] in April 2011 at the York Theatre Royal,[4] and most recently in November 2013 by BOST Musicals at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.[5]

North America[edit]

United States[edit]

It made its US premiere in February, 2004 at the Hale Center Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah. A production was also put on in Nov.-Dec. 2008 at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse in Tacoma, Washington.


The Slipper and the Rose had its Canadian premiere on Saturday May 28, 2011 at the Beaubois Theatre in Montreal, Quebec.[6]

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