The Small Assassin

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The Small Assassin
Small assassin.jpg
cover of the first edition
Author Ray Bradbury
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre fantasy, horror short stories
Publisher Ace Books (UK)
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 144 pp

The Small Assassin (1962) is a short story collection by Ray Bradbury. The stories originally appeared in the magazines Dime Mystery Magazine, Weird Tales, Harper's, Mademoiselle, and in Bradbury's first book, Dark Carnival.

The Contents Are[edit]

  • "The Small Assassin"
  • "The Next in Line"
  • "The Lake"
  • "The Crowd"
  • "Jack-in-the-Box"
  • "The Man Upstairs"
  • "The Cistern"
  • "The Tombstone"
  • "The Smiling People"
  • "The Handler"
  • "Let’s Play 'Poison'"
  • "The Night"
  • "The Dead Man"


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