The Small Business Party

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The Small Business Party
LeaderAngela Vithoulkas
IdeologySmall business advocacy
Sydney City Council
1 / 10

The Small Business Party (SBP), officially registered as The Small Business Party[1] is a political party in New South Wales in Australia. Their main focus is as an advocate for small businesses. The party was founded in 2017 by Angela Vithoulkas, a City of Sydney councillor and cafe operator.[2]

The party claims that the major parties focus too much on the larger businesses, and ignore the smaller ones, even though the vast majority are small businesses.[3] The party's platform mostly focuses on lowering taxes associated with business, however they also advocate for better education and out of school care for children. They also have a policy to cut immigration, as the party claims that the infrastructure in New South Wales is inadequate for sustaining immigration.[4]


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