The Smugglers (band)

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The Smugglers
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres garage rock, pop punk, indie rock
Years active 1988 (1988)–2004 (2004)
Labels PopLlama, Radiation, Mint, Lookout
Members Grant Lawrence
Nick Thomas
David Carswell
Kevin "Beez" Beesley
Graham Watson
Past members Paul Preminger
Adam Woodall
Bryce Dunn
Danny Fazio
John Collins

The Smugglers are a Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band consists of vocalist Grant Lawrence, guitarists Nick Thomas and David Carswell, bassist Kevin "Beez" Beesley and drummer Graham Watson.[1] Past members include Paul Preminger (drums, 1988-1991), Adam Woodall (harmonica and guitar, 1988-1990), Bryce Dunn (drums, 1991-1998), Danny Fazio (drums, 1997) and John Collins (bass, 1997).[2]

The band first formed in 1988 when its members were students at Vancouver's Hillside Secondary School.[2] Over the course of their career, the band released material on a variety of record labels, including PopLlama, Radiation, Mint and Lookout.[2] Lawrence was also a frequent contributor to the CBC Radio 2 programs Night Lines and RadioSonic, recording audio diaries of his experiences on tour with the band;[3] he became the host of RadioSonic in 2001.[3]

Although the band have not performed or recorded as a unit since 2004, they have never officially announced a breakup.[2] Lawrence remains with the CBC as a host on CBC Radio 3,[3] Beesley is currently a co-owner of Mint Records,[2] and Carswell and Collins are partners in JCDC, a recording studio in Vancouver.[2]



  • 1991: At Marineland (Nardwuar)
  • 1992: Atlanta Whiskey Flats (PopLlama)
  • 1993: In the Hall of Fame - All Time Great Golds (PopLlama)
  • 1994: Wet Pants Club (Radiation)
  • 1996: Selling the Sizzle (Mint/Lookout)
  • 1998: Growing Up Smuggler (Mint/Lookout, live, 10th anniversary)
  • 2000: Rosie (Mint/Lookout)
  • 2004: Mutiny in Stereo (Mint/Lookout/Screaming Apple)


  • 1993: Wet Pants Club (Radiation, mini-LP)
  • 1995: Senor Pantsdown (Rock and Roll Inc., EP)
  • 1997: Buddy Holly Convention (Mint/Lookout, EP)


  • 1990: "Up and Down" (Nardwuar, 7-inch)
  • 1992: "At Germany" (Screaming Apple, 7-inch)
  • 1994: "Gotta Gotta Gotta" (For Monsters, 7-inch, split with Hoods)
  • 1994: "Party Party Party Pooper!" (Mint, 7-inch, 5 different covers)
  • 1994: "Tattoo Dave" (Top Drawer, 7-inch, split with Bum)
  • 1995: "Talkin 'bout You" (Pin Up, 7-inch)
  • 1995: "Whiplash!" (1+2)
  • 1996: "Summer Games" (Mint/Lookout, split with Hi-Fives)
  • 2001: "Smugglers/Mach Pelican" (Corduroy, split 7-inch)
  • 2002: "Useless Rocker" (Supersonicrefridge, 7-inch picture disc)

Tracks on compilations[edit]

  • 1989: "Revenge", Oh God, My Mom's on Channel Ten!
  • 1992: "Shes Got Everything", Clam Chowder and Ice Versus Big Macs and Bombers
  • 1995: "Amnesia", 13 Soda Punx (Top Drawer/Munster)
  • 1995: "Stop! Look! Listen!", Skookum Chief Powered Teenaged Zit Rock Angst (Nardwuar)
  • 1995: "Supercar", R.A.F.R. (RAFR/Flipside)
  • 1995: "What Do You Want Me To Do", Oh Canaduh (Lance Rock)
  • 1995: "Whatd I Do Wrong", Upsalapalooza (WFMU, live track)
  • 1996: "B.A.B.E.", En Guard for Thee (Au Go Go)
  • 1996: "Especially You" and "Elite Manilla", Heide Sez (Lookout)
  • 1996: "She's A Runaround", Here Comes the Summer: A Tribute to the Undertones (Squaretarget)
  • 1996: "To Serve, Protect And Entertain", "She Ain't No Egyptian" and "Barkerville", Team Mint (Mint)
  • 1997: "Cans Of Love", You're Only As Good As the Last Thing You Did (Lookout)
  • 1997: "Keep On" and "Rock With The Smugglers Tonight!", More Bounce to the Ounce (Lookout)
  • 1997: "Rock 'n' Roll Was Never This Fun", All Punk Rods Gearhead magazine (Gearhead/Lookout)
  • 2000: "Alan Thicke", My So Called Punk Rock Life (Melted)
  • 2000: "Flying Buttress Of Love", Lookout! Freakout (Lookout)
  • 2001: "Buddy Holly Convention", "Rosie", "Rock n’ Roll Was Never This Fun", Team Mint 2 (Mint)
  • 2003: "Larry Where Are You", Lookout Freakout 3 (Lookout)
  • 2006: "B.A.B.E.", Mint Records Presents the CBC Radio 3 Sessions (Mint)


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