The Sniffer

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The Sniffer
Genre Detective fiction
Created by Artem Litvinenko
Written by

Artem Litvinenko

Andrey Babik
Starring Kirill Käro
Ivan Oganesyan
Maria Anikanova
Nina Gogaeva
Nikolai Chindyajkin
Composer(s) Nikita Moiseyev
Country of origin Ukraine
Original language(s) Russian
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 24
Executive producer(s)

Andrey Rizvanyuk (season 1)

Maksim Osadchy (season 2)
Producer(s) Victor Mirsky

Andrey Lisetskiy (season 1)

Graham Frake (season 2)
Editor(s) Vladimir Zapryagalov
Running time varies, from 49 to 54 minutes
Production company(s) FILM.UA
Original network ICTV, 1TV
Picture format 16:9
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original release November 11, 2013 – present

The Sniffer (Ukrainian: Нюхач) is a Russian language detective series produced and shot in Ukraine by FILM.UA Television, created, co-written, and directed by Artyom Litvinenko.


The show's protagonist (Kirill Käro) uses his unusually sensitive sense of smell, that allows him to detect and distinguish trace amounts of various substances, to investigate crimes. He works alongside his childhood buddy, Victor Lebedev (Ivan Oganesyan), a major in the Special Bureau of Investigations.[1]

Production Details[edit]

The series premiered on November 11, 2013, on the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV and began airing in Russia on December 16, 2013, for 1TV. By 2014, the series is sold in 60 countries and has sold to a major French television channel.[2]

Even before its premiere, the series was officially renewed for a second season with eight new episodes. The second season opened on 1TV on October 5, 2015, with cinematography by Graham Frake, who had previously been head of photography for Downton Abbey.[2]

In 2016, Amazon added the first season to their Amazon Prime line-up.[1]

Starting from May 2017, the first two seasons are streamed on Netflix.

By Jan 31, 2017, filming of the third season was completed. Just like the first two seasons, the third season consists of 8 episodes, which were shot over the course of 6 months.[3] In season 3, the Sniffer is set to encounter even more sophisticated criminals, already aware of his abilities. Nyukhach, directed by Artem Litvinenko, is set to air in fall 2017 on Channel One Russia.[4]


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