The Snow Queen (Lackey novel)

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The Snow Queen
Author Mercedes Lackey
Country United States
Language English
Series Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher LUNA Books (Harlequin Enterprises)
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 331 pp
ISBN 978-0-373-80265-4
Preceded by Fortune's Fool
Followed by The Sleeping Beauty

The Snow Queen, published in 2008, is a novel by Mercedes Lackey, the fourth book of the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series. As in the previous book, Fortune's Fool, characters from earlier books in the series are either mentioned or appear as secondary characters.

Plot summary[edit]

Aleksia, Queen of the Northern Lights, is the Fairy Godmother of the land she rules. She is known to have a heart of ice, hence her title of the "Snow Queen." Her duty is to help characters like Kay and Gerda redeem themselves, their sweethearts, gain backbones, and become more sensible and less willing to follow their loves to the end of the earth. The story begins with the traditional Hans Christian Andersen tale, which continues through the first few chapters. When Aleksia is falsely accused of unleashing evil on nearby villages, she realizes there is an impostor out there far more heartless than she could ever be. Then a young man disappears, and Aleksia, his sweetheart, and his mother will have to join together to defeat this mysterious evil.

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